Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ABC Wednesday - ‘D’

ABC Wednesday’s letter this week is ‘D’.

Dryadula phaetusa - Orange Tiger Butterfly2

Dryadula phaetusa - Orange Tiger Butterfly

Dark Green Fritillary

Devy Ringlet

Dinner with a 2 year old. There is a reason eating establishments don’t usually serve food on a clear plate. Mr. Spacial calls it “Dinner and a show.”


From one little Dear to another Deer – the one below is an Albino Deer found at Father Hennepin State Park, Minnesota.


I can’t leave out Dogs!

091303_karissa, barb, and dogs with noble lady 3

Dogs with Dames and Damsels in Dresses. These were captured at Greyhound Pets of America’s Meet and Greet booth at the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota. It is a pretty fun thing to Do with your Retired Racing Greyhound. Our group is there for a weekend every year.

And I’m Done with the ‘D’s!


  1. Wow that's a lot of D's. The butterflies look so beautiful, I've tried to photograph one, you did a great job. I've never seen a white deer before.

  2. James took the words right out of my mouth! That's a lot of "D"s. Super photos! I love the butterflies and the picture of your little one.

  3. Beautiful butterflies and a great bunch of D words. Nice post.

  4. Hi James,
    I spend a lot of time, it seems, trying to take photos of butterflies and wildflowers. They don't always come out too well, but I manage to get a few good ones. In this particular case I actually got the chance to go visit a butterfly garden and it was really a very calm relaxed place 'inside' where a habitat was created to be friendly to all sorts of exotic butterflies. That is where I got the majority of my butterfly photos that came out well. The butterflies were actually being a lot more still in there than outside. Thank you! Glad you came by!

  5. Hi Anon,
    Thank you! Glad you dropped in.

  6. Hi photowannabe,
    Thank you. Glad you stopped by!

  7. Lots of great Ds for the day! Love the butterflies and your little one and the women in costumes is lovely, too! Great post and photos!


  8. Oh, that photo of your 'dear' reminded me of eh, well, eh, yesterday! When I did exactly the same. Mind you, I live alone and was not in a restaurant. And it's the best way to enjoy a desert anyway...

  9. Fascinating! Love the complete selection.

  10. Butterflies all over your blog. Nice

  11. Very great D words! The little boy is adorable! I love your butterflies. They are very beautiful macro photos.Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

  12. Aren't those dresses gorgeous? I love to dress up in crinolines - very ladylike!!!!

  13. And I think you have Done them all! There can't be many left in the Dictionary ;-)

    But I fell for the butterfly...

  14. Wonderful Ds...like so many here I am drawn to the butterflies...
    The Dames with dogs are wonderful too..
    Happy ABC Wednesday. It is so fun!

  15. Love the butterflies! It's always nice to see those from other countries. Many are nearly the same, but with subtle differences.

    The two year old with the glass plate is priceless!! And so, of course, are the greyhounds. What better dog to have at a Ren Fair?

  16. Wow! What gorgeous butterfly photos! Love the rest of them, too.

  17. using the scientific name for the butterflies does open up the options, doesn't it? good job.

  18. Great 'D's, Love that albino deer. Never saw one before.

  19. We always have said that if we get a dog it will be a retired greyhound. Love them and hate the race tracks...

  20. Great D's! You take such wonderful photos... I'll be in your neck of the woods again; daughter and I are going back to Minneapolis in a few days.




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