Wednesday, August 05, 2009

True Color Thursday – Personal Choice

DSC00019cropped and reduced

Scooter says, “We are supposed to pick a color of our choice because this is personal choice True Color Thursday. I just don’t know which color to pick because I really like them all.”


“I think she should do ‘Purple’ because that is the color of my screaming Gorilla! But Renner doesn’t.”


Renner says, “That’s right! Sorry Scooter, I don’t see why we should have it Purple.”


“Especially when we can have it…here look at this….”


“A bright Red like my giant stuffy!”


“But Mom said no to both colors because she doesn’t want to play favorites!”


“Oh well…so now this True Color Thursday we are doing….”



(From ‘The Health Benefits of Plums’.)



Plum is kind of a cross of Purple and Red….or a reddish-purple. Okay, whatever….”



  1. hey scooter between you and i renners only fibbing about her red stuffie cos to her it looks grey i think your mom's choice of plum was very diplomatic!

  2. Very nicely done!
    The pups had me giggling and your choice of plum was inspired.
    Love the doll, she is beautiful.

    Best wishes [and pats & pets to Scooter & Renners]

  3. Your plums were gorgeous - the flower, the doll, the fruit, all of them.

  4. Brilliant - tell me does Scooter usually rest his head on a bone? Was he guarding it for later??

  5. Oooooh, look at Renner's sweet soft face! I want to kiss that furry head - and I bet he wouldn't mind, either!

    Scooter is also a sweetheart and very pretty (see, no favourites here, either!) but I do want to know what variety that beautiful plum coloured day lily is! I want one of those!

  6. thank you Peggy - glad you enjoyed it.

    Hi Kate,
    He does love his bones and finds them quite comfortable as well as tasty! ;) I believe considering he is a greyhound, using it for a pillow would fall under 'lazy'.

    Hello Jay,
    Renner does indeed love kisses. Absolutely. While giving Renner some, Scooter would be trying to nose in on some of the action.

    The daylily...I was trying to remember what it was called and I thought it was 'Rum Ruby', but I can't find anything with a name on it now. So you might try looking that one up if you have time. I may try looking it up a little later when I have more time to surf. They are lovely aren't they, I love them.

    Thanks to all for stopping by!!!




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