Monday, August 03, 2009

The Monochrome Weekly

DSC04929Lone Goose

Taken at Lake Louise State Park, Minnesota.

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  1. Very good - like the patterns very much.

  2. How rare to see a single goose! They get a bad rap, but they are a beautiful bird. If only they could learn to clean up after themselves!

  3. Perfect! I love the patterns on the water, and the bird really sets them off.

  4. Hi Aileni,
    Thank you, so glad you like the photo.

    Hi RogerB,
    I agree, very rare. When they are all together, sometimes huge flocks of them populate the fields, and it can get pretty messy. But I think they are lovely.
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Dragonstar,
    Thank you! Glad you dropped by.

  5. The water looks great.
    Nice shot.

  6. That is lovely as is youngster on your title page!! We saw loads of Canadian Geese on Sunday at a river festival - they are beautiful!




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