Sunday, August 09, 2009

Enter Cato (name chosen! And Fidget Is His Name-o)

Cato 020

Pronounced Kay-toe. His name is Fidget….because that is what he does a lot of!

We went looking for an older female kitty to come share our home with us and ended up with a 4 month old male. Upon the passing of our sweet 20 year old kitties Vinni and Monty – both males, we had to wait a little while to be able to wrap our minds around getting a new kitty. We were thinking just one in residence would be fine as we have always had multiple cats and many greyhounds at our house. We have had females and males in the feline department and decided that for a single cat living here perhaps a female would be the best choice. We wanted an older kitty because we know there are so many older cats out there needing homes, and kittens (we thought) just had a better shot at getting homes than old cats. All the things in mind of what we thought wanted, a few days ago I was looking around on Pet Finder when I spotted a female cat named ‘Pogo’ that so reminded me of the Kilban cats. All she needed were red sneakers on her feet and she’d be the spitting image of his drawings. Pogo was in a shelter that was over 1.5 hours away from our house, quite the drive considering all of the shelters and rescue groups in our area. Still both my husband and I fell in love with Pogo and had a good feeling about her. Saturday mid-morning Mr. Spacial said, ‘let’s go get Pogo’. I hemmed and hawed a bit…was I ready to *do*this yet? Did I really want to drive that far? I had emailed the shelter and also called trying to contact them to see if I could get more information about Pogo and check if she was even still there. (No answer) They are a volunteer group and had very limited adoption hours, if we didn’t just leave and go to where she was, we would miss our chance. So we took off on our quest for Pogo.

We got there in good time, went inside and met with a nice lady who led us to Pogo. Wow – Pogo was a *BIG* girl…but no worries there…maybe a little Light Cat Food would help a little with that and some exercise. We were very excited to go into a little room where the woman left us play with Pogo. Let me say at this point that we are really animal savvy people with both cats and dogs…so Pogo only actually got her teeth into me once…I was faster the rest of the time.

Yep, Pogo did NOT want to be toyed with…that was a girl with an attitude, big time. I won’t go into all of the sorted details…the woman came back in and actually scruffed her and smacked her little nose. Pogo only looked at me with an even more disgusted look – ears completely flattened. I felt awful and was trying to decide if we could get her passed this or not. Finally we just decided due to the fact they didn’t know how she was with dogs (her information said she was good with kids – but I wasn’t buying it at this point), and that we have a 2.5 year old grandson that has 3 kitties and loves them we had to pass on Pogo. I was disheartened as usually my instincts about animals are correct…,that and the fact that we take on and work with any special needs animals all the time. I also couldn’t just let the fact go that she wanted to rip my lips off.

Mr. Spacial said ‘Well are there others like her…but a little more manageable?’ (or something along that line). Of course there were and we ended up seeing a lot of cats here and there, running throughout the place (they were out running free in shifts). We went into this one room to meet a couple of guys (how we ended up looking at males again – the mind boggles), though I do like to say ‘come on boys’ at my house…. ;) Any way, we ended up in a room that had a couple of young males playing and kittens galore. The woman was introducing us to everyone and explaining where every one came from and down in the bottom right crate sat a little squirrely looking guy with sprigs of hair sprouting off him here and there…and even from his ears.

Cato 017

We inquired…his name was Cato. Quiet, bright eyed and the moment you picked him up you could hear him motor purring. ‘Scurrying be damned, scritch me!’ And scritching is what Mr. S did, until he was handed off to me, then I scritched him some more. Cato 036

The rest is history. Forms all filled out, fees paid the little 4 month old guy road like a champ in his kennel all the way home. He played with his little catnip pillow and chatted with us a little while we drove but couldn’t have been a sweeter little guy the whole way. He spent his night in a large (LARGE) kennel that is used for greyhounds, up in our bedroom sleeping with us (litter box, bed and water enclosed), didn’t hardly make a peep. He is very laid back, but at the same time very curious and loving.

Cato 024

The hounds here are like, whatever, they haven’t paid him a bit of mind, though we are being very cautious of the cat-dog interaction. Been through that a few times successfully. The kitty is a bit leery of the hounds, which is good.Cato 030 Certainly it will take some time for all the adjustments to be made and everyone to be trusted with each other but I think we have a winner! The shelter named this little guy ‘Cato’ but we are not certain yet this will remain his name. We have to make sure it fits him, so a name change *may* occur…or perhaps not. BTW – I was just informed by Mr S that Cato Fidget now owns the lower portion of the house…or so Cato Fidget was telling him. (Update since first posted – we decided on Fidget).

Cato 011

It is a bit curious is the way he took up the very spot where my Monty used to lay on the couch….by or on my head.

He’s such a sweetie, I am not sure how we ended up with him, but he seems to fit in here just fine.


  1. He is gorgeous - perhaps I should get another cat? Not sure my two would approve though......

  2. Hi DBM,
    Thank you, we think he is a pretty cute guy with a sweet personality to match. I know my two would not have liked getting another youngster when they were here, that is for sure. So I can understand what you are saying to be sure. Thanks for coming by for a visit!

  3. Wow, I would sure say he is fitting in just fine. Looks like he completely owns the place :-) Glad he is working out and hope that last night went okay with him!

  4. Oh how wonderful!!!! He is a beauty; I am so glad it all worked out. What fun it is to bring a new furry family member home. Congratulatons and welcome Fidget!

  5. He looks a lovely puss - welcome Fidget!

  6. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  7. Oh - he is beautiful!!! And he's come to the right place!
    I am so pleased you found each other!!

  8. Oh, heavens, he is completely adorable! I love him - his colouring, his little face, the way he sits and moves, the black insides to his forelegs! The little bushy tail - yes, he IS squirrelly! LOL!

    I think you were right to pass on Pogo. I hope she finds the right home, but I would hesitate to bring such a spiky little thing (um... okay, strike the 'little') home to live with thin-skinned greyhounds. Yikes!

  9. Hi Maureen, Blue, Abagale, and Kate,
    A bit behind here, but I wanted to thank you all for your kind comments - I think it is going to Fidget's head. He thinks he owns the place now. He is a sweet guy and we love him already. Thanks so much.

    Hi Jay,
    Thank you! I really think we would have had a lot of problems had we gone ahead with Pogo. I hope she gets a good home too. The hounds are being very very good, and are even a bit afraid of the hissing little fur ball. But Fidget is getting a little less afraid of them. I suppose it will take him a while to actually share a bed with the hounds like Monty and Vinni did, but hopefully someday they will be good enough friends for that to happen. Thanks for coming to check Fidget out!




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