Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Total of Two!



Thank you, James, for these awards – they are my very FIRST! I will treasure them. :) And thank you for helping me learn the ropes!

Hummm…. according to the rules I have to send out the Smiling Greyhound Award to three people and link it to James who has the wonderful blogs:

New Town Daily and Something Sighted. Worth visiting both of them!

I am sending ‘Smiling Greyhound Blog Award’ out to Dragonstar at Dragon Days. Wonderful photography and an all around nice person when it comes to helping out with hatching dragons. :)

Next I am sending it to ‘Don’t Bug Me’ who has some of the most wonderful photos on her site! The penguins are a must see!

Also to Kate at I.ramble.co.uk because of Hippie, Hippie, Hippie!

I hope everyone will take a few minutes to check out these Greyt blogs!

Thanks again, James!


  1. Atotalof two is the best workable things.

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  2. It is at that!
    Thank you, Saroj.

  3. You are most welcome. :-)

  4. I found you thru James's blog. You have very cute pets. I will follow them:))

  5. Hi James,
    You are a sweetheart.

    Turquoise Diaries,
    Loved having you. Thank you. Looking forward to your future visits! Come anytime...we are always open here! :)

  6. What a lovely award! I'm honoured to post it on my blog. Thank you for such a beautiful comment.

  7. Congratulations! I didn't know you'd never had any awards! How unfair, when you have such a lovely blog!

    Going to check out James' blogs! I know the others already!

  8. Thank you so much my friend... How lovely... Hippie sends scritchies to you and i'm sending a big hug!!!

  9. Congrats on your awards and thank you, thank you, thank you for mine!!!! Sorry for the delayed response, but I have been on a barge on a canal somewhere in England for the past 5 days - we had quite a few problems finding any kind of internet reception and so I am a bit backlogged with emails, blogs etc. Anyhoo, it was a very pleasant surprise to find this waiting for me when I got home, so thank you again.




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