Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monochrome Weekly



Dancer at Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Shakopee, Minnesota.

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  1. Great photos Sistertex! You've captured the flow of her dancing wonderfully. They really look nice in Black & White.

  2. Love your new title photo! They are so beautiful.

  3. I am sure she was a great success - even with the guys...:)

  4. Lovely photos in b&w.

  5. Outstanding photos! Beautiful capture of motion. Great lighting and shadow effect. Well done!!!!

  6. Wonderful shots of the dancers. The motion is captured so well.

  7. Oh, lovely pictures of the belly dancer!! The lighting is beautiful too!

    I also loe your banner picture of the greyhounds.



  8. Are you sure that this is not Egypt??

  9. Make me so free tooooo.....

  10. Oooh, I'd love to do that .. if I wasn't too self conscious! Looks so much fun!

    Great pic!

    And I love your banner!

  11. Great shots:) Let's dance!!!

    This is my first time on monochrome weekly .
    You find my picture here

  12. Beautiful lighting and composition. She seems about to take flight in that second shot.

  13. I think belly dancers should have some belly, and yours has a nice one.. Very good photo

  14. Hi James and DBM,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. James I really was facinated by the flowing of the fabric, the movement of it created such a peaceful feeling motion in the midst of the chaotic festivities. I probably didn't really do it justice in the photos, but I was trying. Thanks again James and Don't Bug Me! I appreciate it.

  15. Hi Aileni,
    This person's movements were very fluid and gracefully done, certainly she was a very good artist. Like I was mentioning before, she was wonderful to watch...didn't really do the belly dancing thing as much as graceful movements with the material (not sure what you would call the wings of fabric she was using). Just lovely and fantastic to watch.

  16. Hi Dan, Susan, Carver and Lucy,
    Thank you, so glad you liked them.
    Lucy - glad you like the banner too - thank you for the Purrs! Hope you will all stop by again.

  17. Hi RuneE
    Yeeaahhhhh....pretty sure they were not taken in Egypt. ;) Thank you, RuneE, glad you liked them. Thanks for visiting!

  18. Anne,
    I agree, the movement and flow of the material do create a very 'freeing' feeling. That is a great way to describe it.

    Hi, yes I would love to be able to do that too if my body didn't get sent out of whack for a month with the first movement I'd make. ;)

    Glad you liked it all, banner too, and thanks so much! OH - I have a photo to put up for you. I will find it today....Mr Spacial took it while I was in the Privvy (not that I ever do anything like that!) and was unable to get a clear shot.

    Petunia, MyMaracas, and Turquoise Diaries,
    Thank you for visiting! I am glad you enjoyed the photos. Thank you for the nice comments.




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