Tuesday, September 01, 2009

ABC Wednesday - ‘G’

This week ABC Wednesday is looking at ‘G

So I thought I would put up some of the 'Group Greyhound photos attempts we have tried to get at Christmas time all three of these are from different years. Different dogs in some of them of course because we have had 19 hounds. The first, second and third Greyhound we had are not in these photos but will follow the Group Greyhound photos.




No one was cooperating in this last one! Yep – Greyhound chaos.


This is my Blaze Girl. She started it all and Got us involved in organizing a Greyhound rescue Group, Greyhound Pets of America - Minnesota.


This is Tex, our second Greyhound. Both he and Blaze were older when we Got them. Been in a few neglectful homes and I have loved all my Greyhounds, but none more than these two. Tex was a huge clown…about 8 years old in this photo. They truly broke the mold when they made him. What a character.


This is our third Greyhound, Sister. Everyone thought she was just the most beautiful Girl. She was very popular at meets and Greets. She was very smart and even learned how to unzip school backpacks to dig out treats for my Girls. So we had to keep a sharp eye on this one!

Nope Renner and Scooter aren’t in any of those past photos and we don’t want to have to deal with jealousy issues so


….here they are sticking their noses in!


  1. These doggies are so beautiful!

    I love the picture where all the doggies are distracted and nobody is posing for the camera.

  2. Awesome pictures and great use of the letter G. They all look so Graceful too. :-)

  3. Oooooh .. beautiful post! Just beautiful! So now we know where you got your unusual name from! Sister and Tex. How very sweet they look. Tex reminds me a lot of my Jack - he was a great character, too. So hard to lose them, isn't it? :(

    So, did you found GPA Minnesota? Impressive!

  4. Hi Lucy and James,
    Thank you! So glad you liked the greyhound photos. I really like the one where no one is posing best too.

    Thank you. Yep - that is exactly where Sistertex came from.

    It is tought to lose them. :(

    Yes, I (along with Mr. S who had a hand in it all as well) organized Greyhound Pets of America - Minnesota. I am very proud of the organization in general. My love of Retired Racing Greyhounds runs very, very deep. A large part of my life has been committed to them.

    Jack and Tex do seem to have things in common, I agree!

  5. There are a lot of legs there! Great greyhounds

  6. a gaggle of greyhounds - gorgeous. but you didn't REALLY expect them to cooperate for a group photo, did you?

  7. I love it - its hard enough to get one to stand still but a big crowd like that??? Brilliant - I like your G for Greyhound but then you knew I would!!!!

  8. Wow, I am impressed. Did I say that already?

    You should be very proud, it's a wonderful achievement! And not a doubt in the world that many, many greyhounds have found comfortable homes as a direct result! Well done. *Hugs*




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