Monday, September 21, 2009

Itasca State Park

Scenes from Itasca State Park, Minnesota. Minnesota’s oldest state park and the location of the Headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi River.


DSC01681Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center on a cloudy, rainy day.

DSC01594Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center Sculpture by Jeff Savage “Please Touch”. It is an Ojibwe belief that women are the caretakers of the Water. In this sculpture a woman is leaning over, releasing a clutch of small turtles from a basket, renewing the seasons and continuing the waters of life. Her flowing hair is like that of the flowing water. The turtles, a strong water symbol, symbolize the universal cycles of life in the Ojibwe belief.




Also the area that marks the First Colony of the United States as well as the area that marks the source of the Mississippi River (Headwaters).


Lake Itasca is the source of the Mississippi.


The Mississippi River begins.


Standing in the middle of the Mississippi River.


Renner and Scooter walking along the not so mighty portion of the Mississippi River.

This area is just steeped with beauty and history. More to come on the Itasca State Park in Minnesota.

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  1. Great pictures of a beautiful, interesting and historical place. I Uually think of the the USA being a colony back in the 1700's It's interesting that this area was a colony of the USA way back then.

  2. Interesting sculpture!

    I love the pics of the Mississippi River. How amazing that it's so calm there. The green and the pretty water were captured very well in your pictures. Of course, Scooter and Renner are the best parts. :)

  3. What an interesting post! And your photos are wonderful! Love the history and the mighty Mississippi does start out small, doesn't it?
    Thanks for all the interesting info and the lovely photos!


  4. that was such an interesting post about your world

  5. Itasca State park looks like my kind of place to walk. Your photos are beautiful. I'm sure the dogs like going for a walk too.

  6. I loved this post. Your photos are wonderful. Loved the keeper of the waters .. how beautiful .. the sculpture and the thought. Thanks so much!

  7. What a lovely state park! I especially like the "Please Touch" sculture---beautiful.

  8. It is a beautiful park. I remember camping there almost 30 years ago. And the mosquitos almost did me in.

    Love the water sculpture.




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