Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nose to Nose

PICT0011 Renner and….Renner!

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  1. I love this reflection! Thanks Sistertex!

  2. I LOVE it! You should frame that one!

    Renner is gorgeous, and you've caught his reflection so well!

  3. very sweet - does he recognise himself?

  4. What a cute reflection Renner makes! He's so adorable. I imagine he's a big sweetie-pie.

  5. Aren't they funny - I could just watch Hippie all day!!! She was digging in the garden at the weekend - trying to help my daughter with the mess out there I think - but we couldn't stop laughing at her!

  6. Great pic! Did he bark at it? :)

  7. James, Jay,
    Thanks! Glad you liked it, glad you came for a visit too. Always nice hearing from you.

    Crafty Green,
    Thank you. No I'd say he doesn't recognize himself but finds the reflection of himself very handsome. ;) Hope you will stop by again!

    Hi Lucy,
    Thank you! He is a very sweet guy.
    Thanks for your comment!

    Thanks - nice seeing you here!

    Glad you came to visit!!! Ahhh Hippie helping out, hounds are so helpful. If nothing else they are always good for a smile! Nice of your daughter to be helping Hippie in the garden! ;)

    Life With Dogs,
    Always glad to have you visit. No barking, but some soft mumbling about a handsome dog looking back at him. Thanks for the comment!




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