Wednesday, September 16, 2009

True Colors Thursday – Gold (as in Autumn’s Golden Glow!

This True Colors Thursday is celebrating Gold…as in Autumn’s Golden Glow!


Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, Minnesota (Walking Renner)



Savanna Portage State Park, Minnesota


Mushroom – Savanna Portage State Park, Minnesota


Mushrooms – Savanna Portage State Park, Minnesota


Hiking with Renner Savanna Portage State Park, Minnesota.



Retired Racing Greyhound Renner Taking a Rest


  1. Great pictures. The leaves are so pretty. Renner seems to think they are comfortable too. :-)

  2. Very beautiful! While driving to work taday, a leaf fell off a tree right in front of me. How dare it! I don't want summer to end!

  3. Gorgeous gold colors! I love the picture with the water too. Renner looks so cute lying in all the fall leaves. :)

  4. wicked gold post, just what blue was hoping for i am sure!!!

  5. James, Don't Bug Me!,Lucy the Cat, and the Profs,
    Thanks so much to you all for coming by, glad you enjoyed the post.

    Can't tell you how much I appreciate you all coming to visit, thank you! I have been terribly stacked with work and it is severly cutting in on my blogging time. I should be passed it in a couple of months. (yes months... ugh!) Thanks again to all!

  6. Beautiful!
    I'm glad you took my words re Gold quite literally.

    Best wishes [and & pets to the pups]

  7. It does all look so pretty. We have hardly any colour change yet - and that is just fine! A prolonged summer may mean a delayed winter.

  8. Gorgeous pictures! It makes me want to go take a walk in the woods!

  9. Those are some very nice shots! I miss the autumn leaf colors!

  10. That toadstool looks just like our own Fly Agaric, except Fly Agaric is bright red with white spots and yours is yellow! I wonder if they are related?

    Renner does well on his hikes, doesn't he? I mean, he's actually upright and moving forward! I know Sid would want to do it, but he'd give up quite soon, I think! LOL!

  11. What wonderful photographs!
    It is nice to make your cyber-acquaintance as a new peace blogger.

    Thank you for displaying the countdown clock and logo in your sidebar. I am so excited about this launch.

    Your peace globe is gorgeous (!) - who is the little guy? - You are #1483 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery from the great state of Minnesota.
    It will post tomorrow at

    See you on November 5, 2009!
    Thanks again. I really like your blog.

  12. I know I posted a comment on here, but it's not showing!! I remember saying how much the yellow funghi with white spots looked like our own Fly Agaric - which is red with white spots!

    But the greyhounds are nicer, anyway. ;)




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