Friday, May 29, 2009

Monty Is With Friends at The Bridge


He was with us from the age of 6 months as we adopted him from a Humane Society and passed away this morning after turning 20 years old just last month. He was my ‘head’ kitty…so called because he so often sat upon my head when I was sitting on the couch. He kept my arms warm as I typed on my laptop and many times couldn’t help chasing my fingers as they moved about the keyboard. He was the ‘playful’ one and teased the Greyhounds to no end. He was the kitty to move the water bowl across the room just to see the water splash over onto the floor, he would empty large bowls of water that way. Lively until the end, just last week he was still up to a lot of his old tricks and antics…chasing stuffed mice behind the couch….playing with toys and laying on me as often as he could catch me in a position that made it possible.

I will be lost without him, what is worse I know that Vinni will be lost without him. Vinni is 20 years old as well and they have been together every since Vinni walked through our door at the age of 3 as a stray. Vinni is laying beside me now, hasn’t eaten for the last couple of days, I feel due to Monty becoming so ill, so quickly.

My only hope is that Vinni will rebound and stay with us awhile longer, though I know he will be lonely. We will do what we can to comfort each other, I only hope it will be enough for Vinni to stay even though he has lost his best friend and mate.

Play well at Rainbow Bridge, Monty you have so many loved ones there already to greet you. I love you old man….now you have a chance to be young again. Until we meet again some day, please remember me as I will remember and love you.


  1. Oh bless him.... I am so sorry, its dreadful to lose an animal no matter how many years you have been together.

    Give Vinni a gentle fuss from me and make sure someone gives you this 'hug' from me too.

    Take it easy - and enjoy the memories! x

  2. I truly appreciate the kind comments Kate. I will love Vinni up for you. Thank you for the hug.

  3. Oh, how very sad for you and Monty. :( Hugs to both of you!

    He had a wonderful life with you all though, didn't he? And to pass away in his own home, still happy and playful at such a good age - what a gift that is! Try to take comfort in that, as you mourn.

    I know how hard it is - I've been in tears myself this weekend. Hug your furry companions, especially Monty.

  4. Oh Sis - I was so sorry to read your news... I know how you must feel, as indeed must anyone who has ever loved a pet. Cyberhugs... You have the lovely warm memories to treasure now.

  5. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for the kind words. I will indeed give Vinni a big hug. He is not feeling well himself unfortunately. I fear I will soon lose him as well as Monty. Thank you so much for the wonderful hugs. I am sorry to hear you are tearful this weekend.... what has happened?

  6. You already know that it's the dogs .. but yesterday was worse. I read about a dog on Greytalk who was the spitting image of The Princess, was also nicknamed the Princess, and who died almost exactly the same way - AND she was also a therapy dog!

    What are the chances?

    I do hope Vinny rallies. It's so hard to lose two beloved pets in a short while. :(

  7. Hi Katherine,
    thank you so much for your kindness. I appreciate the hugs. It is unfortunate that now I am fighting to help his buddy Vinni, also 20 who has decided it is no longer worth while to eat. I have been hand feeding him whatever he will eat, which is very little.

  8. Yes, I figured it was Greyhound related. How very odd the circumstances, very sad. Big hugs to you.
    I am on Greytalk but don't visit there often any more. I should.

    Vinni is slowly slipping away I am afraid. I know you have been there when it comes to losing your loved pets so closely together. It is very hard on the heart as I have experienced it before myself having had so many seniors at once.

    Still trying to bring Vinni round though he seems determined to fight me on it. Thank you so much for being so kind. Lots of hugs to you, Jay.




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