Thursday, May 14, 2009

True Colors Thursday – Turquoise

The color for this True Colors Thursday is Turquoise.

Below you can see Scooter’s collar has real Turquoise set into silver mounts.


Here you see Greyhounds Roni and Tyler sleeping on a Turquoise couch in our family room.


A cat with Turquoise eyes


Turquoise paper


A Turquoise toy


The Greyhound laying on a Turquoise rug is Wally.



  1. What a fine selection of Turquoise you found.
    Particularly, love the sleeping hounds on couch & that owl.

    Thanks for participating.
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Poopsie,
    Love having you drop by! Glad you liked the Turquoise selection.

  3. Love Scooter's collar and the hounds on the turquoise couch. But Wally ... do you want to lend him to me for a while?

  4. Jay,
    Glad you enjoyed the hounds. Wally was indeed a great loss to us as he is our most recent addition to the Rainbow Bridge. You are perfectly right in your assessment...for I do believe he had the most 'heart'of any of our hounds, to be near him and his zealous .. gentle nature - was to immediately love him. The big guy was the first to absolutely love the little grandson from day one. And then cancer took him at the age of 6. A very tough loss...I don't talk about it much, he was so young and we fought for him SO hard. I am sure you understand as best as anyone could. But you are absolutely correct in wanting to borrow him...they don't get much better than that big teddy bear of a guy.
    Thanks Jay.




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