Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ex-Pens Used for Portable Camping Fence.



A little hard to see, but the 3 ex-pens with stakes are in place. When we are not hiking with our Greyhounds and they are not inside the RV, that are contained within a fairly good sized area by our ‘portable’ fencing.


  1. Those look great! We have some Dutch windbreaks which do the job, but yours look so much easier to put up.

    How high are they? And can I come camping with you and your lovely dogs? :D

  2. What a brilliant idea! We have used wind breaks on our caravanning weekends but they don't stop Hippie much - she either knocks them down or jumps them - your dogs are so laid back, bless them!

  3. Hi Jay,
    You can get them different sizes but these, I believe are 48 (42?)inches in height. Yes you can come camping with us. It would be lovely to have you...bring the new ghguy! :) They are easy to put up, we also put a short 18 inch one up around the campfire pit so the little Grandson can't fall into the fire pit. They have hooks so we can hook the three together side by side, and use stakes (with little hooks that protrude from them to fit on the bars of the expens and then the stakes of course go into the ground for support. They are a little heavy and fit in the basement of our RV. We never leave the hounds out there alone though, there is always at least one person out there with them...sitting by the campfire ring. If we are all in the RV, then they are too. Else we are all our hiking somewhere....of course they all come. I am so very over protective of them, I know, but having adopted out so many I have seen a lot, and it makes me realize just how quickly things happen. We put snow fencing under the side of the camper to that they cannot go 'underneath' if for some reason the mood strikes them. So good (Knock on Wood). :)

  4. Hi Kate,
    Thanks Kate, it has worked pretty well for us so far! I guess they could jump it should they want to, as I know some greys can take on even a 6 ft fence. But they are actually taught to 'respect the fence', as it is at our house and are not allow to jump up on it or anything at home. I think it carries over a bit to the camping. Plus we are right outside the fence usually, I can tell when they are starting to get excited and one of us will step over to it if anyone of them looks a little too interested in something outside the fenced in area. They would have a tough time knocking it down. They are pretty laid back most of the time, and we wear them out with the hiking, so they are pretty glad to just go lay down. Hippie does sound a lot like Scooter, he is pretty spirited as well!




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