Thursday, May 07, 2009

Greyhounds Share

This afternoon Vinni decided, like he often does, to take over a dog bed in the sun. Generally this leads to pacing and whining at me to let me know that one of the kitties have taken their bed. Occasionally though, the hounds just find a way to sleep around the cat. Due to the limited sunshine streaking though the windows, today was one of those ‘sharing days’

Blue shares with Vinni

They took turns sharing. Here is Blew with Vinni.

Scooter shares with Vinni

Here Scooter shares with Vinni.

Renner shares with Vinni

Renner is now sharing with Vinni.

And if you look closely you will notice that during all these hound transitions, Vinni doesn’t give an inch….doesn’t move from his spot. He is large and in charge!

Scooter and Vinni sleep

Greyhounds and Cats get along pretty well most of the time as long as the hounds don’t mind sharing. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz…….


  1. Awww .. that's so sweet! You know what I notice? In all of these pictures, the hound is looking away from the cat! It's almost apologetic - 'hey, don't mind me, I'll just squeeze on the end of my bed, I'll be quiet, I promise ... '


  2. Hi Jay!
    Well...they have heard 'no kitty' fairly often so they know they are not supposed to 'mess' with the old Vin-man. But the cat was there first I suppose that makes a difference as well. Still, very politely...butting in so to speak. :) Good to have you come by Jay! I realized there weren't any greyhounds in the 'True Colors' post so thought I'd get another one in today...just for your daily fix. ;)

  3. Cute! And so like a cat to be in charge, even if he is the little one.

  4. Ouch! I have just read the foot 'n back saga - I do hope things are mending now... ? Doesn't seem to have interfered with your ability to take wonderful pics, 'though! I like the puddle monster!

  5. Hi Katherine,
    Yes,getting better, but way to slowly for me. I have to keep myself in check or it starts to worsen again. Thank you so much for the kind words, so glad you think the photos are still good and that you like my little puddle monster - he is truly a special little one...that makes a big splash in my life. :) Thanks for stopping by for a visit Katherine.

  6. Hi Janie,
    True, very must have, or have had, a cat or two in your life. I have two and both are laying on me as I type here. They are pretty much in charge. Thanks for visiting.

  7. ah that is lovely! If only Hippie and Max would get along - we're lucky if they share the same room most days!!!

  8. Hi Kate,
    It is nice to have them get along. We have had many Greyhounds and many cats and it hasn't always been a friendly scene. So it is very nice now that they can be polite to each other.

  9. I love it when dogs and cats get along like this. My old, very much missed dog always looked so mournful when the cat took her bed - even tried to fit her bum into the tiny cat basket!




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