Thursday, May 21, 2009

True Colors Thursday – Grey/Gray

This True Colors Thursday we are on the color Gray. You say Grey….I say Gray…. ;)

Whatever the case, this is Monty my Gray tabby dilute kitty who is over 20 years old, and still liking the ‘sleeping on my head’ business.


Then I have a Greyhound that is Gray….which is actually called blue colored… who is named Blew….ummmm, I think he still qualifies. Here is Blew with Ruby cooling off a little in the lake.


Went to an air show this last Sunday and saw a fascinating Gray plane.


This is a photo of the back of a Gray semi…and if you look carefully you will see the reflection of our Allegro RV as we waiting in traffic behind it.


There was a very Gray sky when we were coming back from White Water State Park. Terrible storms were in the area that chased us away from our camping spot earlier than we had planned.


And a very Gray snowy day, all too common in Minnesota. This is a photo of my back yard during a spring snow storm. Nope the photo is not in black and white…it is just THAT Gray outside.


Last, but certainly not the least…

PICT0030Grandson in Gray playing on my light Gray tile floor.


  1. What a smashing collection of greys! I, naturally, love the greyhounds best - Blew is very beautiful! Love his ears!

    But that sky is stunning. Mammatus clouds! I have only seen a formation like that once, in New Zealand, after a tornado. We almost never see them so clearly here.

  2. Why do cats do that? Max just has to sit on the back of my chair too!!!

  3. Blew is (of course) my favourite grey grey. ;)

  4. Hi Jay,
    I guess by now you can tell, I am very 'Grey' oriented myself. ;) He has very funny ears that many times, pointed straight up, are actually leaning on each other of the center of his head. (of course I have a photo of that too, I will have to put it up sometimes.) Blew just happens to be Momma's Boy, he doesn't let me get too far away from him without raising quite the fuss.

    We had to clear out of the area because of the flash floods, the storms were just moving across much like a train. I love to look at the clouds, totally fascinated with their beauty.

  5. Hi Kate,
    There are times when Monty is almost totally on the top of my head...feet hanging down the front of my face. Vinni doesn't do that, though he sits on the back of the couch. Not sure why Monty does it, I don't really mind unless I have just fixed my hair to go out somewhere. I do think him sitting on my head makes him feel the superior being. ;) Does Max pretty much own the place like Monty does?

  6. Of course he does - although he felt it a bit when Hippie moved in, especially when she chased him! It took a while but now Max is in charge again and now Hippie cannot look at him at all! Its quite funny to watch!!!




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