Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ABC Wednesday – The Letter ‘P’

My first inclination is to say this ABC Wednesday Letter is ‘P’ for ‘Pain’! My back is still causing a lot of Pain and I am hoping soon it will GO AWAY so I can get back to normal. That said …I’ll move on.

Meet A Puddle Monster!

Puddle Mosterpuddle Monster2

puddle monster3

Some lovely Peonies growing outside my daughter’s house.


Sitting Poolside

Sitting Poolside

Playing In the Pool

Playing In the Pool

Pipestone at Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone, Minnesota.


Path Up Pipestone Stairs

Path Up Pipestone stairs

Pups At Pipestone National Monument

pups in pipestone national park


A Pissed Off Pussy Cat (Vinni)

Pissed Off Pussy Cat


  1. Some very good P's. What did you do to your poor pussy cat? lol
    I feel your back pain I had back surgery that went wrong now pain and pills are my middle names.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh poor puss. He looks extremely angry in that photo!

  3. I do hope that your back Problems wil go away soo! P is for Poor thing! Ouch!

  4. I had forgotten that we did that to poor little Vinnie. He kind of deserves it though, he is a bit of a devil. Is it any wonder that he misses me so much :-)

  5. Hi James,
    Well Vinni (the pissed off pussycat) is just an old, cantankerous guy to start with, and my daughter put some horns on his head to be funny. Though it actually kind of fits his personality, he was not you could see in the photo. So sorry to hear your back has become an ongoing issue for you, that is not good. :( I do hope something can be done for it eventually. This back think kind of caught me by surprise...was rather sudden, so I am hoping I can get passed it without surgery. Fingers crossed! Thanks so much for your kind words, I appreciate them. Thanks so much for stopping by! Please don't be a stranger.

    Hi Mara - yep he was none too happy, but has been getting revenge one way or another every since the 'horns' incident. ;) Nice of you to come by, please do come again!

    Hi Marie,
    Great to have you visit. Thanks so much for the sympathy. :) I am having a hard time 'being good' so the back will mend and I can go on with business as normal.

    Ophelia99 - yep you sure know how to mess with both of the kitties. Seems to me though, they never get tired of laying on your lap in spite of it. Gluttons for punishment...both of the old sour pusses. Thanks for visiting.

  6. As a fellow back sufferer you have my sympathies although my lifesaver is a Scottish physio that pummles me back into shape, eventually. Is your cat really evil or just pretending?

  7. That kitty looks like the Puss from Hell! Not amused at all.
    Love the picture of Pipestone.

  8. What a great collection of pictures. I love the Puddle Monster, and that beautiful rock archway, but my favourite must be the demon cat - a totally pissed-off pussy!

    On behalf of the Team, thanks for participating.

  9. Joy - I have been though therapy and was actually doing pretty good for sometime until Last Friday. Don't wish the pain on anyone, that's for sure so I am glad you have a way around it somewhat. As for the cat...well, the horns are fake...but the expression is genuine. :) He is 20 years old now and doesn't take it lightly when someone is messing with him. Thanks for stopping by!

    Spacedlaw: Indeed I totally agree with your assessment! Glad you liked the photos of the pipestone it is a very interesting history that surrounds it. One of these days I will put up further photos of what goes on at that particular National Monument. I was totally intrigued. Thank you for visiting!

    Dragonstar it is so nice of you to visit again. Thank you for the kind comments. It is also great to have someone else provide the 'topic' because I really does promote thought and helps me in the idea area! I appreciate it.

  10. I love the "puddle monster", and those devil cat eyes are great! Lots of fun captures.




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