Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yum! Two Thumbs Up

A few days ago I mentioned that Starbucks had introduced a new item that was made especially for those who need to eat Gluten-Free! Yes, that scrumptious looking Valencia Orange Cake is Gluten-free! I finally got to try one after the Race For the Cure on Mother’s Day and well…..

Valencia Orange Cake All Gone 002Gone in a flash!

However, I don’t believe I got to eat more than half of it. There was the piece I gave to my OH to taste, the taste I gave to my Daughter and I gave a taste to my two year old Grandson, and another taste to my Grandson who wanted another taste…and a taste, and a taste….then it was all GONE! He was a little disappointed Meemaw had run out of her cake. I should have gotten more than one! None of those people eat Gluten-free but me so that must speak to just how good this cake is. It is kept wrapped up separately away from all of the other scrumptious looking treats. Though my two year old Grandson had his choice of the things other people had (which were not gluten-free) he was all about his Meemaw’s (my) cake. Can’t blame him at all as it was flavorful, not overly sweet, and very very moist…. just melted in your mouth. I’ll be going back to pick up a few more I think. Thank You Starbucks!

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