Friday, May 15, 2009

Old Man Blew

Greyhounds share with Vinni 001

Yesterday I posted a photo of Blew that was an earlier photo and Jay mentioned he did not look ‘over 11’. I guess I didn’t think about that when I put it up, I just liked the photo and used it.

Here is a photo of Blew taken just a week ago…he is getting the typical senior ‘graying of the face’, particularly around the muzzle and eyes. If you look back you can compare, interesting to see how age changes coloration of their faces. In this photo I believe Renner is allowing Blew to use his tail as a chin rest. Considering their bony tails, I’m thinking not all that comfortable. ;)

Also, Monty is doing a little better today I started him on something new so I am hoping it helps him out a little. That was not a up to date photo of Monty either as, sadly, he is getting quite thin.


  1. Blew is, if anything, even more handsome in this photo! I loooove the old guys, and he looks gentle and dignified, and well, just very, very sweet!

    Thanks for the updated photo! And I'm glad to hear that Monty is doing a little bit better!

    We looked at a dog today. I daren't say too much in case I jinx it!

  2. I think you might enjoy this old poem of mine! What lovely dogs!

  3. Hi Jay,
    I'm quite late getting to this one, so sorry! Thank you, I do love the seniors so very much. Always a very special place in my heart for them. I have taken in several after the age of was with me until she was 15 or so. So I agree with you for sure. You are welcome, and thank you for the kind comment on Monty. I hope things work out well for you and the 'new' guy in your life! Fingers crossed!!

  4. Hi Rinkly,
    As I was explaining in the previous comment, so sorry for being late on these, a slight technicle issue which I think is fixed at this point, I missed a few things because of it.

    I did read your poem and it is indeed wonderful. As a person who has spent a lot of time doing Retired Racing Greyhound rescue I truly appreciate that others, though not adopters, appreciate the efforts being made. Again, a wonderful poem, thank you so much for sharing it. Please come visit again!




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