Monday, May 11, 2009

We Walk!

Each Mother’s Day, for the last several years, we Race for the Cure at the Mall of America and yesterday was no different. Though it always seems to start out in a bit of a hassle, in the end I think we are pretty pleased and happy with ourselves for doing it. Well at least I am, and I am very thankful that my OH, daughter, son-in-law and grandson join in with me in my support for ‘the cure’. Breast Cancer is an awful disease and has touched just about everyone I know in one way or another.


Part of our ‘team’ getting ready for the walk.


Getting placards in place.


I am all set.


Readyyyy….Set…… Go!



Though the subject is dead serious, people can still have fun! There is a very upbeat atmosphere for the most part.


It is over before you know it and it is photo op time!



Before leaving we always stop by a pond for a few reflective moments which never fails to bring tears to my eyes. It is filled with memories of loved ones lost to this disease.

Though upbeat…..

We do NOT lose sight of why ‘WE WALK’!


Pats on the back to all for a job well done and heading out to meet the rest of the day. We celebrate Mothers on this day….we celebrate life… we celebrate ourselves!

We live, We love, WE WALK!


  1. Thanks for doing this! My mom is a 2-time survivor, and is the poster child for early detection.

  2. You are welcome and Thank YOU, Mr. Nighttime. Bless your Mom, may she be *done* with this dreadful disease.

  3. Well, let's put it this way: Tamoxifen is a wonderful thing.

  4. Mr. Nighttime,
    My Mom went through treatment for it as well, but was found early enough that they have just used surgery and radiation, no chemo. She just finished her radiation treatments in mid-March and is still in the process of recovering her energy from it all. However, we are hoping nothing else will be needed for her. I have so many friends who have gone through this, including chemo and indeed it is a wonderful thing, I fully agree with you. I hope your Mom is continues doing well.

  5. Well done! I'm proud to know you!

    My SIL is a survivor, and so is my cousin. Treatments are improving all the time, and charity fundraisers are SO important for the research to continue!

    Thank you! :)

  6. Jay,
    It seems everyone I know is touched by this dreadfulness in one way or another. There were 35,000 people at this event and I think it grows each year. Here's wishing your SIL and cousin continued good health!

  7. Well done you!!!
    My son is a survivor of testicular cancer - it was a dreadful time but fortunately he is still all clear!
    Hugs to you! x

  8. Kate, indeed I agree, just dreadful! I am so very glad he is now doing well and send wishes for continued good health for your son!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment.




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