Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ABC Wednesday ‘R’

This ABC Wednesday’s letter is ‘R’!

This is Roni, our White and Brindle Retired Racing Greyhound girl. She loves everyone and is so happy she even smiles in her sleep. Her nickname is Roni-Roo.



And Grandgreyhound Ruby! She is a Red and white Retired Racing Greyhound.



Also Renner who is our white and brindle Retired Racing Greyguy.



Rust: This is an old barrel found in a historical water tower in Charles A. Lindberg State Park, MN


Of course I can’t leave out our RV. Here is a view of it from a trail high upon a hill looking down. The little blue car behind it is an HHR and we tow it along with us everywhere we go.


Here are Retired Racing Greyhounds Scooter, Renner, Ruby and Blew Resting outside our RV.



  1. What sleek gorgeous dogs! It looks like greyhound heaven snoozing in the sun on those fluffy pillows!

  2. all such lovely images! wonderful take on R

    Greetings from the ABC Team!

  3. Brilliant and I am so pleased Scooter got a look in too!!!!

  4. Aaaah - beautiful! I love seeing your gorgeous dogs!

    Do you put up a perimeter fence for them? We have some strong windbreaks that we use to make an enclosure. Not sure how Sid will do getting in and out though.

  5. Marie, Magiceye, Kate,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on the doggies, I love them so and think they are beautiful as well. So glad you came for a visit! And Kate, I did think you would like seeing Hippie's double again. :) Glad you did.

  6. Hi Jay,
    Thank you! Yes we have some expens we carry and set up with stakes, one of them has a gate..the area is quite large for them. I will put a photo up so you can see soon as I get a chance. Also, Wally was a tripod and we had doubts with whether or not he could climb the camper steps as well. However, he had no doubts at all about it and just jumped right up them after a little help the first time or two. Wally just had that sort of personality though....very free and easy, nothing slowed him down, not even his cancer. He was good to go about everything, loved camping, right up until the very end. Hopefully, if you show Sid a few times, he will do just fine too. Some of it will be a matter of how badly he wants to do it, or afraid of things like that. Good Luck and Lots of scritches to Sid!

  7. ALL of those precious greys are beautiful...but Roni just melts my heart!

  8. Adorable dogs! Very special indeed.

  9. Wow! your retired racing greyhounds are gorgeous!

  10. Hi Mel, Reader, and Sherry,
    Thank you for your kind comments...I agree that the hounds are beauties, what's not to love with these wonderful dogs. :) Roni was in my daughter's wedding and was quite the star of the whole thing. Such a love and so easy going she has won many a heart! I'm so glad you came by for a visit!




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