Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunny Spots


 In this house the most important spot is any area that has even  the slightest amount of sun hitting the surface. Scooter takes this very seriously. If there is no bed on the sunny spot he tries very hard to 'think' one over into the area. If that doesn't work then he stares at the person in the room trying to 'think' them into moving the bed into the sunny area. And if *that* doesn't work, then he claws, pushes and shoves the bed in the direction of the sunny area. By the time he has tried everything that hasn't worked, and IF the sunny spot is still there, he walks over and throws himself down in the sunny spot stretching his very long body as far and wide as possible. Making sure everyone must now walk over him to get from point 'A' to point 'B' while looking at you like, ‘seeee – you should have just moved the bed!’



  1. Awww ... what a sweetheart!

    I have a photo of my first greyhound, Jim, standing in the one small sunny spot trying to 'think' me into providing a bed right there for him. Guess what? I did. LOL!

  2. Hi Jay, I usually do as well. Today though I was all wrapped up in some school work and what he wanted didn't really sink in until the loud thump of him throwing himself down on the floor in the little ray of sunshine. Then I got up to take a photo of him in his sunny spot and there was no memory card in my camera. My OH had removed it, so I missed the moment.

  3. Bless him, he is so gorgeous - Hippie has got wise I think - she goes and fetches her fleece blanke and a couple of teddy bears and creates a sunshine bed!!

  4. How smart Hippie is to not wait on us humans to catch on and just do it herself. Maybe I should set Scooter up with a blankie, he doesn't really have one, though he has teddy bears and stuffies galore, and maybe he will catch on the way Hippie has!




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