Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quiet Day


So far it has been really quiet here. Sundays usually start out that way. It has turned cold again, 3 degrees right now. But the sun is out and that is something we have been missing, so it is good that it finally blessed us with it's light yesterday.  A lot of the snow cover has gone due to the warmer than normal temps earlier in the week. Very nice, but gray the entire time. Seems we just can't get both things to happen at once, sun and warmth. Eventually it will in MN that is called Summer!

Spring?  Oh that must be the couple of weeks that happen about mid-May, passes right by us pretty quickly and on occasion even with a slight dusting of snow. We have the same problem with Fall, which is my favorite season, but is here only 2 or 3 weeks then gives way to winter all too quickly many times.  Actually if you live in Minnesota then you know the saying 'we have two seasons - Winter and Road Construction'. It is a lovely place.


Fall Hike, Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, MN


  1. Look at the colour in those trees - was that photo taken now? Here everything is just waking up - the daffodils are shooting and early mornings bring bird song now.

    The snow has gone and there is a little promise of Spring - it may only last a day but I'm ready to enjoy it.

  2. Hi Kate, no the photo was taken back a few months, in the fall. Here in Minnesota everything is still white and icy. I wish things were waking up here now but we still have a couple of months before that begins to happen. Unless of course we manage an early Spring, that would be most welcome.
    I always think the occaional Spring-ish day mid-winter are the best days of the year. Everyone gets out to celebrate the day quickly before it is gone and sends us diving back into winter.

  3. Yes, we have a day like that today - sunny, a bit of a wind and a fresh smell to the air. Its lovely - all my washing is blowing dry outside... makes it smell gorgeous.

    I am so glad the snow and ice has gone - it was funny as it melted and all the little (?) mounds of greyhound poop reappeared in the yard - my daughter wasn't best pleased but Hippie thought it was hilarious, dancing round it all ready to start again!!!




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