Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Grandson-less Tuesday

The kids are on vacation down in San Diego this week. I have had Grand Greyhound Ruby with me since last Friday. She is a good little girl, no problem to have. The boys may feel a little put out about having a bossy female around. Ruby runs the show when she is here, is an only greyhound at her house and thinks everything should be her way and for the most part the boys do give way to her. I am also caring for their kitties (3) and their house as well. They will be back soon and we will go pick them up at the airport. Meanwhile I need to get my kitties and doggies all into the vet in the next couple of weeks. Everyone is due for everything. Gonna' be an expensive March!

Meanwhile, I thought I would get a lot more done on my school work from not having my Grandbaby here with me today, but it is funny how life always finds a way to ‘fill in’ any extra time you may suddenly find on your hands. I was working on my notes for Excel, which I am already behind on due to a class communication issue the professor seemed to have with the entire class. I left to go check my daughter’s houRubyse and kitties, get some more dog food, and mail a birthday card…just a few errands, wasn’t gone all that long. Came back and Ruby had made herself pretty comfortable on the couch, found my notes on the back of the couch…hidden up there so nothing would happen to them, and decided to do a little work on them herself. Let’s just say the Excel notes are even more of a puzzle than they were. You know, I really didn’t want to do them anyway! ;)



  1. On no! Not the Excel notes!!!

    Naughty Ruby ... or did she do you a favour? LOL!

  2. and there it is again that 'it wasn't me look' - just like Hippie!!
    Bless her

  3. Hi Jay,
    I did finsh that set of notes last evening, though I do believe there will be some 'holes' in my work due to her help. BTW just in case you haven't experienced them yet, that is a nagging 'Screeming Monkey' around her neck. She thinks she has her own boa and is quite the fancy one! ;)

    Hi Kate,
    Oh absolutely....Ruby always tried to blame it on Blew or Renner, she is actually still trying to think of something to pin on Scooter. She will come up with a doosey eventually for him too!




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