Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meemaw Is Tired Of Being Sick!


I think the title just about says it all. I keep getting sick, I do believe my little grandson brings more than his greyhound with him on his days with Meemaw. What’s a Meemaw? Oh yes, once my little grandson could talk, he began by calling both me and his Momma, ‘Momma’. It was all a bit confusing for him I think at about 6 months old or so and he also had another Gramma to address as well. He had a lot of concepts to grasp for a little guy. Very smart he is indeed, and I'm not saying it just because I am his Granny. He started talking in full sentences early enough to even surprise his own doctor. But then sometimes in order to understand him you have to speak 'his' language. Somewhere along the way, Momma stayed Momma (and rightfully so) but I turned in to Meemaw. I will pause here to mention that actually his first name here was given out to his very well loved Bampa. Yes, the first thing he asks as he walks in the door is Where's Bampa? Bampa still in the shower? Once Bampa enters the room it is all about Bampa. Anyway, getting back onto the subject of 'Meemaw'. I thought it was cute (I think everything he does is cute!) that he was calling me Meemaw and still tried to keep saying Grammy so that eventually he would get around to calling me what *I* thought I should be called. But found myself many times saying Meemaw back to him, when speaking grandson-ese, rather absent mindedly, instead of consistently supporting the Grams thing.

So the other night we were all together for his 2nd Birthday party, Meemaw, Bampa, his folks, and his other set of grandparents (my SIL's folks). He's all 'hi Meemaw, hi Bampa!) and then he turns to his other grandmother and says 'hi Grandma'. I am like whoa!!!! Did I actually hear ‘Grandma’.... he said 'Grandma' to her, Wow!!! So I commented to my daughter about what I had heard. She explains to me that he's been saying Grandma for quite some time to the other Grandma, and just refuses to call me anything but Meemaw. That is who I am to him, and quite possibly, that is who I will stay. I wasn't sure how to feel, because I am the Grams who has seen him (and my daughter's family) through most everything regarding Grandson....I was graced by being able to be there for his ultrasound (when we found out it was a boy) right on through his birth (push...Push..just a little more Sweetie, you can do it). My word, I think I was nearly as tired as she was because I was pushing in a standing position and at least she was laying down. ;) I have cleaned a ton of the poopiest of butts, rocked, held, played, read, worried....well, I figured it was high time I deserved that name 'Gramma'!! And you know, who ever heard of being called 'Meemaw' sounds a bit like a donkey's bray don't you think? Okay - well except when my Grandson says it, then it makes me feel very happy and proud that I am his Meemaw. Obviously he has bestowed upon me his own version of identity for someone who he knows loves him very much and he feels safe with. I'm good with that, in fact I am more than good with that, I feel honored. However, I just have to ponder occasionally how it is going to sound in 20 years (if I am still around) when he walks to me with his girl and says, "Hi Meemaw, meet my girl friend." His girlfriend will probably ask 'Meemaw' where did you get that name?" I'm thinking he might answer, "Well it is what she wanted to be called so that is what I call her, makes the old lady happy." Now my question at this juncture did he know I wanted to be called that when he was only six months old... before I even knew? See, I told you, he is a smart little guy!


  1. Fantastic name - wear it with pride lady! My Mum always wanted to be Grandmama - said it would make her feel posh and ever so important - well, all her eight grandchildren referred to her as 'Mama' all her life and she even signed cards that way.

    My son asked me what the word for Grandma was in Spanish a month ago (I'm studying Spanish) and when I told him he said "Congratulations Abuela - its your turn!!" Sadly they miscarried just a few days later but I think I have been given my name for future reference.

  2. Oh No, Kate, I'm so very sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Hopefully it will all go very well in the future. Very sweet about the way your son went about telling you. I do so hope it will be soon for them (and you).

    :) Yes, I will wear it with pride. Funny how they change things around in your life in such a big way, something you may expect with your own children, but perhaps not so much with your children's children.
    Thank you, Kate!

  3. Aah, babies are programmed to use feedback to their best advantage! It's a survival tactic, like being cute! LOL!

    I think Meemaw is nice. And usually these things are self-limiting, aren't they?




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