Sunday, February 08, 2009

Minnesota Weather Report: By Scooter

DSC01339scooter cropped The weather today is bug everyone to go out every 20 minutes good! The white cold stuff is frozen to the ground in some spots, and nice and soggy in others. It is hold your pee to stand and sniff into the wind wonderful. Unfortunately there are no bright spots to lay in, inside the house and little wet sprinkles hit my back when I sniff outside, but that's okay because my feet aren't getting nearly as cold as they were. They are however wet...and I get some grief at for bringing in mud, but it is allll worth it to not have to hear 'Hurry Hurry' being yelled at me all the time. I don't know if this will last but while it is here I am going out as much as I can no matter who it annoys. ;)


  1. Why thank you Scooter!

    Its much the same here but poor Hippie's baldy bits suffer so she needs her hoody on.

    It will soon be spring and you will both find your warm patches to flumph down onto and sleep!!!

  2. It is pouring rain here right now, everyone wet, soaked trying to do their business. I hope you are dry.
    This time of year we can all hardly wait for Spring.

  3. Harro! Very informative, thank you Scooter. Bert is not impressed: does the fastest wee in the world and makes a dash for the back door again. He's very sympathetic - there's nothing like a nice sunny patch to flop in! x

  4. Most welcome, English Mum, as a pooch whose opinions are very strong on weather and food, I do like to share it from time to time. BTW today there are *still* no sunny spots! Sniffs to Bert! - Scooter.




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