Sunday, February 01, 2009

Scooter's Seizure

Scooter has been with us for, well it will be a year toward the end of March. During that time he has had two seizures, early this morning marking the second one. It was pretty much the same as the first one. Both of them occured in the very early morning hours and on the weekend (the ones I know about, but I'm with him a lot, so hopefully those are the only ones) he starts to pace and then it wakes me up. I try to get him to lay down but he just can't get comfortable and paces some more. All the while his head is looking all around quickly, his neck is extended more than usual and his walking is not as coordinated has usual either. All in all he seems disoriented. I figure out what was going one (took me longer the first time than the second) and got him downstairs, he goes outside and still manages to go potty and kind of slowly walks in almost like he can't see very well. The foot movement is almost highstepping, like he is walking through muck pulling his feet up out of it to step again. Offer water - he sniffs it and walks away. Still he cannot lay down for more than a second and continues to walk with his neck extended fully, head looking around like he can hear something coming but doesn't know from where...sniffing everything, so I am thinking he is trying to get his bearings or his senses are heightened.?? I then go ahead and put him in his crate because he just seems to be safer there, maybe even a little more secure feeling, though he still likes me to love on him when all this is going on. He has trouble settling in his crate, I put in more padding and I stay there watching him. He finally lays down a couple of more times, then stays down. I would say the whole thing probably takes maybe 2.5 hours or so (I am never sure because I am asleep and he wakes me up already in progress). I am not a heavy sleeper, so I am pretty sure no violent shaking or anything goes on prior to this. As I watch him, eventually he will get up turn around and lay he normally lays down, not in the way he does when this is happening, and I know it is over. He comes out no worse for wear.
I have had many many dogs with seizures and all of the seizures have pretty much been different dog to dog. I have had many special needs animals in my life and this was one that we took in thinking it was time to shy away from all the special needs for once, so we would not have to worry so much. I guess it was just not meant to be. Hopefully his seizures will remain very mild and many months apart. We love Scooter very much and if this is only as bad as it gets he is really a piece of cake compared to some of the others we have loved and had as part of our family. Regardless of what his future holds for him healthwise, he has us as his forever home and nothing could change that.


  1. Sounds like the post-ictal phase of a much shorter seizure, rather than the seizure itself, doesn't it?

    Did you know that seizures in greyhounds can sometimes be a symptom of low thyroid function? You have to be careful, because (as I'm sure you know) they run at the low end of normal anyway, but it might be worth getting a blood test for thyroid function.

    I'm glad he recovers with no ill effects. He's a lucky dog to have you. :)

  2. Hi Jay,
    You know, you are right, it really doesn't so much seem a seizure, more like being disoriented. Scooter has had a thyroid panel done and that all came back in a good range for greyhounds. I do have them checked from time to time, knowing that it can cause quite a few things if it is not in the right range for them. It is a good reminder though, I appreicate that. Could have certainly been the issue, and would have easily been remedied then with soloxine then.(well hopefully)
    Thank you for the kind words for Scooter, he is still doing fine now.

  3. Oh bless him - its so hard to know what to do with them sometimes isn't it - I'm so glad we kept the cage for Hippie - it made her feel safe when she first came and she uses it still when she wants to be away from the mayhem!!
    Scooter looks so much like Hips - amazing!!!




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