Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Scooter Again, Again

Good news! Scooter is doing fine now. No further seizures. I couldn't be happier! What looks like is happening to Scooter, is a reaction to the treats he was getting just before bed. All of his dog food is free of grain, or gluten. I ran out of the regular dehydrated sweet potato treat I normally give them before bedtime and gave him a 'dog pretzel' type of treat that I had stashed in reserve. This treat, we feel, is the culprit and I have tossed those. After looking a couple of places for the ‘right stuff’, I picked up new treats (no grains or gluten) and he has done fine since. He is back to his old self and we are keeping an eye on him. I am a Celiac so usually I don’t have things around that contain gluten anyway. I also had very mild seizures (among other things) until they figured out I was a celiac and I removed gluten from my diet. We are hoping this will conclude Scooter’s issues. Fingers Crossed.


  1. Wow - well that would be a great solution to a difficult problem! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and Scooter!

    Give him a scritchie from me!

  2. Thank you Jay. Scritches administered!




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