Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Cat Is A Slob

Monty has some unusual habits. None of my other cats has done some of the things he does. They can be a little irritating sometimes, depending on my mood, but I also findDSC00051 them humorous. I am pretty picky about keeping the house clean. I consider it really important when you have as many pets as we always seem to have. Blew, one of my greyhounds, has a *very* touchy stomach and just can not eat anything out of the ordinary or it sets off some terrible gas and runny stools. So I always make sure there is nothing on the floor that he will eat, else we both pay the price. (yep getting back to Monty now) Anyway, Monty is always challenging me in the clean floor department due to the  fact that he likes to walk around while he eats. He eats very loudly, and I don't he even has it in him to just stand over his dish and eat. He also doesn't eat the 'ends' of his food, only the middles, so that leaves all of the 'ends' all over the floor as he strolls around chomping. I have an island in my kitchen and when Monty is finished I take my DustBuster vac and whip all around there getting  up all the 'ends' of Monty's food. By 'ends' I mean his food is little x's and he eats the centers of the x's and leaves the rest all over the place. He is very old, though healthy, and needs to eat several times a day so it is ongoing though out the day. Blew, on the other hand, knows that Monty does this and will go out there looking for Monty's 'ends' and if I don't get to them all before Blew finds them it is 24 hours in a gas mask for me!


  1. I think you are amazing! YOU are certainly the antithesis of a slob!

  2. I probably bother him by cleaning up the mess he worked so hard to make, a lot more than he bothers me when he makes it. ;)

  3. Poor Blew! It reminds me of the look on The Pirate's face when I throw left-overs into the bin. It's a picture.

    'Wait! Wait!! I could EAT that!!'

    I imagine Blew following the Dustbuster around with a very similar look on his face. LOL!

  4. Yes, but when he gets to it before I do, he walks around looking like a kid in a candy store. He's very proud of his achievement.




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