Wednesday, February 04, 2009

S-s-s-soooo C-c-cold Ag-g-gain!

Yep, right now the thermometer says -14. We are house bound once again. The hounds are not amused. You just have to love weather where the pee is nearly frozen before it has had a chance to trickle down the hill. I mean really, there has to be some comedy in that somehow. Sometimes I swear they look at me like it is all my fault, 'Why do you make it so cold out here Mom?'. My only answer is 'hurry, hurry!' Poor guys...have you ever tried to 'hurry' your business? And how has that worked out for you? ;)
Also, just a quick update on Scooter. Another good day for him. Seems perfectly normal, no more disorientation. I know when ever something like this goes on it takes me quite a while to unwind about it. I keep looking for something, thinking any minute the problem will return. I sure do hope we have figured it all out correctly, but I am guessing only time will tell. Fingers and toes all crossed!


  1. You do have a lot of snow!! We had about half an inch, pretty much all gone now! And as you know, The Pirate loved it!

    I'm glad Scooter is doing well - but yes, I absolutely understand how these things freak you out. When I wake in the morning and The Pirate is lying peacefully and still, the first thing I do is check he's still breathing ...

  2. Wooah. That's cold~!
    Poor hounds.

  3. Jay, so glad it is gone now, my daughter was saying it certainly caused a lot of trouble at the time. Glad Pirate had a good time with it though, my dogs love to romp in it. Thank you for the kind words regarding Scooter. I do sometimes check for the rising and falling of the chest with my some of my animals, I think it is an elder thing for sure.

  4. Hi there!
    I can only commiserate - we are still dealing with snow on snow and I didn't get the chance to clean up in between!
    We are treading carefully here until it melts - then I'll clear up!!!

  5. Kate,
    Don't you just hate that...when the snow melts everything is so 'mushy' making clean up *so* much fun!! ;)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Kathrine thank you for stopping by Spacial Peepol. We do shovel out the potty area, but when I took the photo I took it to show all the snow, then shoveled. So they don't always have to squat and freeze their equipment to do their business. ;) They don't like the extremely cold all that much, but they do like bouncing through the snow quite a bit.




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