Monday, February 02, 2009

Scooter Again

So early this morning Scooter was at odds once again. My husband took him down stairs to take him out because of his being so out of sorts and then Scooter would not come back up the stairs. I went down and tried to help, even tried the leash but it was just freaking him out, and normally he is still calm when he is going through this sort of thing. But the more we tried to get him up the stairs, the more upset he was getting, now starting to pant. So I just slept down stairs with him last night. I did end up putting him in his crate, which seems to be about the only way to get him to lay down and though he is wrestless, he does finally lay down and a couple of hours later he is fine. I was watching him much of the time because I keep thinking there is a possibility of it escalating into a more violent seizure or something. On top of this yesterday (after his issue in the early morning hours) Scooter had another small episode which did not last very long, kind of came and went in a matter of 30 mintues or less. Don't know why this would be happening with him. So, I do believe we are going to go into the vet again about this and maybe do some chemistries to make sure things are okay there. Further discussing this with the vet as well.

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