Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Photos

It was a birthday weekend which means a lot of action! We were at my oldest daughter’s house…it was her birthday. Ruby was into the partying mood so she turned her bed upside down and laid behind it instead of on it. She was definitely keeping an eye on what is going on!DSC04701


There were presents, flowers and cake…with some candles that the little guy was highly suspicious of. Nope, he did not like those candles.


He had to stand back in another room while they were lit until Momma had blown them out, so he hung with his Bampa and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ from afar.


After presents and party we went out for a birthday dinner at Chianti Grill, an Italian restaurant in Roseville where they happen to have a WONDERFUL gluten-free menu. All of their food is scrumptious and the gluten-free items are numerous, so you have a choice, and every bit as good as the regular fare. I had the GF Spaghetti al Fresco with Sautéed Shrimp.


It actually looked a lot like this with a white plate and minus the chicken. I should have brought my camera in….. Lovely place.

After dinner we stopped at a book store where we got some Big Truck books since that is what our Grandson is into these days.

Then on to Meema and Bampa’s house for the evening where things got slightly more out of hand. We were all playing soccer with a little ball out in the foyer….don’t know how it got to this…..but the little guy still seems to have possession of the ball.


Suddenly we were informed a time out was needed. Those new books we had just gotten at the book store suddenly came in real handy!


(I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing his momentous progress in the potty training area!)

Oops, apparently he finds it shocking!


(the above is the face he makes when you ask him to make his ‘surprised’ face.)

That was pretty much it!


  1. It sounds and looks wonderful!!!
    Glad you all had a good time!!

  2. Hi Kate,
    Thank you. We did have fun, but then just being with these people just lights up my life. The Grandson is a party on his own and can make any day better just by walking into a room. Of course....I'm just a tad biased.




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