Monday, July 20, 2009

A Bit About The Last Few

I stepped up my exercise program which led to a sudden wrenching of my lower back. Better now, but there has been some careful walking, sitting and no hopscotch or doing the limbo. I had to let the exercise go for a few days pretty much. It is feeling much better now, thank goodness.

Thursday evening we had a little guy here who ended spending a more time with his Bampa than with his Meema while his folks were going to see the new Harry Potter movie. He is a very understanding little guy and even at the age of 2 he will stop to suddenly ask you ‘Meema’s back still has an owie?’ Very sweet little guy and he is always an instant party as soon as he enters the house.

By the way, (this is for my younger daughter who lives in London and was visiting us a short time ago), he thinks many things are ‘rubbish’ now and doesn’t hesitate to spout out “that’s rubbish” should something, or someone, strike him as such. (Just thought she would enjoy knowing her efforts paid off.) ;)

We also celebrated a birthday. I now have a 31 year old daughter….go figure…how can that be since I am only 21.

Fiction aside, what is it with children who were born before their parents any way?

Photos to come.


  1. Oh dear - I hope you soon recover from your 'owie' - It just goes to prove that exercise never did no-one any good!!!

    Not a bad expression 'thats rubbish!' I can think of loads worse.

    And yes - my eldest will be 31 this year too.. so I have the same problem!!

    Take care now!!

  2. Thank you Kate, it is really much better today. (happy happy!!) you understand where I am coming from then, we could form a club! :)
    Thank you again Kate, I appreciate it.




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