Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday - B

This week ABC Wednesday is focusing on ‘B

Blue Baby Boots



Bampa’s Boots


Greyhound Boots


Winter Blue sky through tree Branches


Retired Racing Greyhounds

Blew and Buddies (Loves gone but not forgotten)





  1. The blue boots are darling. And I love seeing the photos of your greyhounds. How many do you have?
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    I think the boots are cute too, thank you.

    I have had about 20 Greyhounds, at one point 9 of them resided here at once not counting the foster dogs. Right now sadly we are down to 2 at the moment and often have our Grand Greyhound Ruby in residence as well.

    Thanks so much for visiting! Nice having you.

  3. Loved the greyhound boots! lol! Thanks so much for participating! Dxx

  4. I fell for the blue baby booties. They reminded me of our four not-so-young-anymore babies ;-)

  5. blue boots nearly alliterative

  6. Great B post & the greyhounds are darling! What sweet faces.

  7. Brilliant greyhound boots! Hippie chewed hers up!! Typical!

  8. Welcome form the team. Blue boots so cute but the dogs for me just blew me away. Gorgeous hounds.

  9. Those boots are just too adorable!

  10. Love the greyhound boots! And Blew, of course, darling Blew! xxx

  11. Mrs Nesbitt - Hi!
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the greyhound boots.

    Hi RuneE,
    Oh yes, those baby boots were on the feet of my Grandson, so I know where you are coming from there. Thank you for visiting!

    Hello Roger Owen Green,
    Thank you for stopping to chat! I really hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it!

    Hi Siw Aina,
    Thank you for visiting. I hope you will come again. So glad you like all the 'B's.

    Hello Lily H.,
    Lovely seeing you here. Thanks so much. Glad you like the greyhounds, they do have sweet faces don't they.

    Hi Kate,
    Ohhh that Hippie, always up to something. She is a party waiting to happen. A lovely girl, I love seeing her photos. Thanks so much for coming to visit.

    Hi Babooshka,
    Thanks for visiting again, Babooshka, I appreciate it. Thank you, I think the hounds are gorgeous too!

    Hello Mara,
    So nice of you to visit, thank you.

    Hi Regina,
    Nice of you to chat. Thank you.

    Hi Jay,
    Always a pleasure to have you come by. Yes, you know...greyhounds can look a little humorus after a romp in boots. Wish I had a video camera out the first time the hounds had them on, pretty funny. Ahhh yes, my Blew...I'm never without him. Thank you, Jay.

  12. It never occurred to me that greyhounds wore boots! I'm just not used to thinking in terms of long cold winters. Love your collection of B words!

  13. The greyhound boots made me laugh - some friends have 2 rescue racers - very cool!




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