Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July Fireworks 2009

Wishing every one a safe and happy Independence Day!

Here in the Twin Cities Area there is a lot going on. One such celebration is Minneapolis Red, White and Boom! Everywhere you go you can find music, fireworks, food and fun. A very popular place to head out to for a lot of food and music is The Taste Of Minnesota at Harriet Island in St. Paul, which actually is on from July 2 – 5 this year.

Or a person might even want to take in a bit of history.

Below are photos from Fort Snelling State Park, Minnesota.






What ever you are doing on this day of celebration enjoy and stay safe!


  1. Glad you had a good time! Fort Snelling looks fun. I'm guessing you didn't take the dogs? LOL!

    I was at a Meet and Greet at a local carnival yesterday and the poor dogs were located about fifty yards from two of those cannons, and they did a military salute. They were way off schedule or the dogs wouldn't have been there, but of course, they freaked and had to be put back in their crates.

    Luckily I turned up with Sid after this had happened.

  2. Too bad we spent our entire time last week in Minneapolis at the MOA... but you know, when travelling with a teen daughter, it's hard to do anything else ;)

    Happy belated Fourth!

  3. Hi Jay,
    No dogs allowed at Fort Snelling. Sounds like your Meet and Gree went well, except for those cannons. We do the RenFest and they have a cannon going off before their daily parade. We would try to get the Greyhounds ready for it 'hang on to them tight....' cover their ears.... whatever we could do to ready them. Fortunately where they blasted the cannons from were a bit of a distance from where the hounds were, none the less it was loud and scared them. Poor hounds. :( Sounds like your Sid lucked out though and that is a good thing for you both! :) Thanks Jay!

  4. Hi Maureen,
    The whole week in the MOA...don't know if I could do that. It is quite big, lots of things to do there that is for sure. The weather last week wasn't the best in Minneapolis either, was okay but could have been better. Sounds like you all had an okay time though, at least I hope you did.
    Maybe next time you will get around to all the lakes, there are lots of beautiful lakes and waterfalls to hang at as well in the summer.

    Thanks Maureen!




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