Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday – Z

This ABC Wednesday brings us to the letter Z.


Minnesota Zoo Logo

The Minnesota Zoo is filled with things for children to do and we did them with the Grandson and his parents last Sunday.

Below you can see I was being stalked by a little Tiger. He was practicing his stalking techniques. His t-shirt is actually from the San Diego Zoo . ‘Z-Z-Z-Zoooo’.



At one time you could take a ride and dine on the Minnesota Zephyr. A train that took you on a ride through the Minnesota country side. Unfortunately it is now closed down.

Zinnia (zinnia elegans)

Zumbrota, Minnesota

Zumbrota Area Historical Society located in the former City Hall & Fire Hall. There is a large Z on the front of the building.

Zumbrota is home to the only functioning covered bridge left in Minnesota.


Greyhounds Zipping around our yard.


Zzzzzzzzz…… (Quiet – sleeping hounds!)



Scooter sleeps


  1. Lots of snoring z's after being tired out by this bumper filled post of Z's.

  2. Oh, I love the little tiger! So sweet! And the Zephyr looks wonderful - pity it's closed now.

    Tell me, I've seen many pictures of covered bridges, but I've never known why they were built like that. Was it to protect vehicles from the wind? Do tell!

    The greyhounds, zipping or zzzzz-ing - gorgeous as always! I have one right here znoring away right now! He seems settled! :D

  3. Lovely photos - I love seeing your part of the world - not to mention the hounds!!

  4. Wow, lots of great Z's for today. Great work! :D

  5. Hi Babooshka,
    Thanks for visiting. Didn't mean to tire you out. ;) Sometimes I get carried away!

    Hi Jay
    Glad you enjoyed all the animal (the wild and not so wild). Very happy that Sid is setting in so well, that is great news! Thanks Jay!

    Hi Kate,
    I love seeing photos of other's part of the world too, just facinating. I think the hounds love to be seen as well. They seem to like to have their photos taken.
    Thank you Kate.

    Hi Leslie,
    So happy to have you visit, glad you enjoyed the Zs! Hope you will drop by again!

  6. It must have been so much fun at the zoo with your little tiger!




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