Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Boom Boom Pow!

This 4th of July celebration led us to our oldest daughter and son-in-law’s house. They live on a lake where we can take their pontoon out to the middle and watch the big fireworks put on by the city.

A beautiful sight to be sure. However, while we wait we eat, sit in their back yard and shoot some occasional smaller fireworks off on our own.


Youngest daughter in from London and spent some time with her little nephew.


All of this noise we were making was greatly distressing to some parents who had a nest of youngins’ close by. I do believe they are barn swallows who, if you ask me, all look big enough to be out on their own. However, their two parents were swooping and diving over us and then going up to feed their babies sitting in a nest off the underside of the raised deck just over from the deck doors we used to go outside by a few feet.


While out on the lake in the kid’s pontoon my OH spotted a Loon, which is the Minnesota State bird and snapped a photo of it. Very nice.


The sky cleared up and toward dusk we were awaiting the big fireworks show put on by the city.


While waiting we shot off a few smaller fireworks of our own.



Ruby, who lives at my older daughter’s house spent the afternoon and evening at her ‘Meema’s’ house with Scooter and Renner to be as far away from the noisy fireworks as possible because they upset her so much.


Ruby went home to her own house later the next day, I believe her to be fully recovered from the noise of the holiday.

The house is feeling empty now as everyone has returned home. The hounds, Renner and Scooter, both are seeming to miss all the loving they get from the extra people in our house while they are here.


Renner: Where Did Everyone Go All of The Sudden?


Scooter: I’m Bored!


  1. Ruby is mostly recovered. Sunday night people were doing fireworks again and she freaked out. So I turned on some bass-thumping techno really loud; she couldn't differentiate the music from the fireworks so she finally laid down and took it easy :-)

  2. What a lovely time you had!!

    And there's that scooter again - just like Hippie ...waiting for something to happen!!!

  3. ooops that last one was mine and it wouldn't let me leave my name - I'll try again....

  4. Hi Kate,
    Yep, they are settling back down but still looking for the increase in scritches and play parteners they had while everyone was here. Scooter is always looking for something to happen. ;)

  5. Aw, what lovely dogs! Sounds like a fabulous time. And I love the sound of the Loon as well... we have many up here too!




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