Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ABC Wednesday Round 5 - ‘A’

This week’s ABC Wednesday is All About ‘A




Bare AnklesDSC01240

Covered AnklesDSC03855

Little People AnklesDSC00939

Greyhound Ankles DSC03751

Wild Turkey Ankles DSC02202


Horse Ankles2646_1072977917507_1617955173_216360_8334656_n[1]


(Shirley’s Black Cinder kicking it up)

My Ankles



  1. Strictly speaking, you've missed out the turkey ankles and the horse ankles, because they're higher up the leg (can't tell if that's the wrist or the hock on the greyhound, it's too early in the morning), but that's just me being pedantic and splitting hairs. I love the theme of your post today!

    The little people ankles and the greyhound ankles are my favourites - oh, and the turkey ankles made me laugh! LOL!

  2. Hi Jay,
    Sorry....even in humor being factual is important. Yes - those were Renner's hocks (ankles), I backed up the shot so you could see them better....looked a tad odd before due to his feet being planted under water.

    The photo I had of the horse was taken at the RenFest at an odd angle and I couldn't get the hocks in there from the shot. So I borrowed one from a friend of mine so I could show the hocks better.

    The Wild Turkey 'ankles'...okay - had no clue, but just thought it funny. I have sense checked it out and now have learned exactly where Turkey ankles are located...so I backed off on that shot too so that the Turkey's ankles are now clearly visable. ;)

    Appreciate you keeping me straight!

  3. Great A with all the ankles.

  4. Hi Mara,
    Thank you! Also thanks so much for stopping by!




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