Monday, July 13, 2009

An Anniversary!

This past Saturday (July 11) was our 34th Wedding Anniversary. We went just spent the day together by going to find a new Farmer’s Market we had not ventured to before and then moved on from there to yet another Farmer’s Market.

The Mill City Farmer’s Market is the place we had not been to before and it is located by the Guthrie in Minneapolis.


When you go to the Mill City Farmer’s Market you really have to change your view of what a Farmer’s Market is to fully appreciate it. This particular one is more of an artisan event where products are brought for the consumers to consume that are far beyond just fruit and veggies! I personally felt like it was a small, food based, art fair. Most certainly there is also art there that you cannot eat, but can wear and hear. However, all of this is set outside the doors of the Mill City Museum, so you might as well open them and walk through!

The second Farmer’s Market we went to is one we have been to quite a few times and is much bigger than the Mill City Farmer’s Market. It is the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market and is my personal favorite. I really enjoy just the ‘feel’ of being there.


Ahhhh that I were not a Celiac and could enjoy all of the wonderful foods that are offered up to eat on the spot. Instead I just inhale all the yummy smells and watch others chow down.


One thing I can eat there is the roasted corn and that was delightful, though the line for it is always quite long. I guess I am not the only one who loves the roasted corn there.

We even stopped to enjoy a one-man-band.


But the main attraction is of course the produce. (Which I did manage to get some into my shopping bag before we departed.)

Farmers' Market by NatalieMaynor.

It is a great place to find beautiful fresh flowers at a good price. There are so many places there to get them and so many varieties, it seems nearly everyone leaves with a big bouquet of long stemmed beauties!


I didn’t get any flowers there though. Due to it being our anniversary I already had a lovely bunch of long stemmed roses my OH had gifted me with waiting at home.

2009 07 11 008

Also my oldest daughter and family brought over a cute vase of flowers as well. Thank you to both Sweeties!

2009 07 11 015

After the trip to the farmer’s markets we looked for a little statue to memorialize our loved kitties, Vinni and Monty (both passed away a short time ago). Though we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for we picked up a statue of a pair of smiling kitties which now resides out by our little pond.

2009 07 13 Kitty statue by fountain 005

Vinni and Monty were both a couple of jolly guys, especially in their younger years, full of mischief. I think this little statue celebrates them somewhat. If we find something that we think is more what we originally had in mind we will replace this one. Until then I think it does nicely.

After statue hunting we went to dinner at Famous Dave’s Barbeque. Certainly one of OH’s favorite places to dine and they do have a couple of gluten-free items on their menu for me. The managers are very nice about helping me sort through things so that I can enjoy eating there as well.

That was pretty much the day! Very relaxing and slow paced, yet got a few things done we’d been wanting to do. Very enjoyable!

“And we didn’t make a single mess while they were gone all day! It was our anniversary present to them!”

DSC03300 DSC03298


  1. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for celebrating with us.

  2. It sounds like a lovely way to spend your anniversary - congratulations.

    I like the little kitten ornament - they look full of mischief!

    The roasted corn sounds lovely - is it just dry roasted or dripping with something?- Not something I have seen here...

  3. Hi Kate,
    Thank you, yes it was beautiful weather out and just a lovely day.

    The roasted corn is roasted over coal, grilled. It is roasted in the husk. A 'neat' eat, not dripping with anything. It has a wonderful flavor, robust in taste. I eat it just plain and think it is the best corn around.

  4. Ah, the simple pleasures....

  5. Hi VioletSky,
    Thank you! Yes I agree with you.




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