Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wall of Love Power

(Face of the Week reminder!)

Each time I drive into Minneapolis I see this mural at 1407 Washington Ave South. No matter how many times I see it, it captures my eye and I think how nice it feels to look at it. This mural also makes me curious as I have seen it countless times but knew nothing about it. So today…is the day, we will explore it a bit.

Love Power Church/Children's Gospel Mission Mural

Though I have done some searching for information this article written back in 2000 has been the only thing I have really found so far in regard to the history. It is also included in ‘Waymarking.com’ for area murals. The church is still in operation, holding services and has a clothing closet for those in need. Their website is intact but seems to be suffering from neglect as the calendar of events have not been updated since 2003.

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Not only is this is post for ‘Outdoor Wednesday’  but also shameless self-promotion of a new meme starting here at Spacial Peepol entitled ‘Face of the Week’. This meme is about sharing faces of any type and is open from Monday at 7 am CST until 11 pm CST on Thursday!

I hope you will join in on the fun. There is still time to join in this week’s ‘Face of the Week’! (click here)

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  1. Very interesting. Some one was very creative :)

  2. Nice mural, and of course the face is interesting since it seems to be the face of Jesus. It seems they have a good mission of helping others.

    I am still hoping to join your meme this week. I'm super busy with work so definitely will next week if I can't get to it.

  3. What a beautiful mural! I hope you get to the bottom of the mystery sometime!

  4. What a great mural! I love how colorful it is, and the face is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. Did you visit the cemetery in Savannah that is on the cover of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"? I would love to visit Savannah, what a gorgeous city! Kathy

  5. Sounds like an interesting meme. I'm always curious about the stories behind murals like this...

  6. Very interesting and a great mural. I absolutely love the header photo. Is that your dog and son? His shirt is great. I also love the side bar photo with the water. that is awesome. I will have to participate in your meme soon. It might be a flower face, but at least I can join in the fun.

  7. You really came up with an interesting post for today. That is a face with a lot of different meanings.

  8. What an interesting post. I too would have been curious. Thank you for sharing it with us today.

    ~ Tracy

  9. That's cool... Happy Outdoor Wednesday!




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