Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bald Is Beautiful

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Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

091303_Ruby w shamrock 3

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  1. An endangered specie, very well protected.

    I love that green "tattoo" on your doggie!

    Happy St Patrick's Day, go Irish!

  2. I had the opportunity to see a bald eagle close-up a few years ago, at a nature show that came through the area. They are among the most magnificent of creatures, and while I always knew they were big, I had no idea just how big they were until I saw on in front of me.

  3. Hi Ebie,
    Actually they were removed from the Endangered Species list in 2007, however, they are still a protected animal. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. The doggie is Ruby! She is my retired racing Grand-Greyhound. A beautiful, sweet girl.

    Thanks so much for visiting and I absolutely love your comments.

    Hi Mr. Nighttime, long time no see. So glad to have you visiting with me this evening! I always feel they are a majestic bird...I love seeing them in flight.

    I appreciate your comment! Thank you!

  4. So very Irish!Haha, lovely.

  5. HA...being bald myself, I was wondering what I was going to see when I first saw the title. Indeed, bald is beautiful.

  6. Bald is beautiful, but my heart went pitter patter for that fuzzy fellow! Great pictures!

  7. I am streaming an eagles nest live on my blog. Stop by and see it. I love the majestic bird that is a symbol of America. Joan

  8. I hope Ruby stays away from the green beer. :) Bald eagles are so coo. I've never seen one in person.

  9. Amazing and beautiful close up of the Eagle! You mus have a very patient dog to hold still for that :)

  10. Happy St Patrick's Day
    you are looking so funny today
    Love your green decoration :))))

  11. Indeed it is beautiful my friend. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family :)

  12. Awesome shot of the Bald Eagle and I just love your dog celebrating St. Patricks Day.

  13. How exciting that you were able to capture that majestic eagle on film, or at least a memory card :) You must have been thrilled! And Ruby is adorable, love her little "tattoo"! We had a new retired racer come into the clinic yesterday. Her name is Stella and she was gorgeous! I love coming to visit, every time I see your header photo I just smile. Kathy

  14. lovely bird...handsome doggie, all dressed for St. Patrick's Day.

  15. That's an amazing shot of the bald eagle and I love the title. Great shot of your dog fixed up for St. Patrick's day too.

  16. Interesting, this is the second bald eagle I have seen already this WW. This one has that stern expression we see in so many emblems here.

  17. Bald certainly is beautiful, especially when it comes to this guy. This is a great photo of a beautiful eagle. I love the branches and the lighting. Very well done!!

    Ruby is so sweet in this picture! She's so cute with her green accessories. I wish her, you and your brood a Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  18. Happy St P's Day! Ruby looks gorgeous. :)

    And it's a great picture of the eagle. I've seen some, but only in the distance, not up close. I bet they're spectacular if they're right in front of you!

  19. Adorable banner picture.
    The eagle is breathtaking. We see lots of them here on the west coast of BC.

  20. Bald Eagles are so beautiful... but of course your greyhound is also.
    Fawn Dog is my first BIG greyhound (had an IG/whippet rescue that recently passed) and she is big. From Ireland and is bigger than some males which is part of why she isn't racing anymore. She was made for us because even her Tat is my initals. All my dogs are rescues and some day hope to have a few more greys...

  21. Bald Eagles are so majestic. Ruby looks adorable all decked out for St. Patrick's Day. I also commend you for the adoption of Ruby! Greyhounds are fabulous dogs.

    Great pictures!

    ~ Tracy

  22. What a great eagle shot! I was looking at your Rainbow of retired greyhounds..... all yours? Wow did you adopt or race them yourselves thats a lot of work! Happy St Paddy's day!

  23. Hi moorebloglife! I used to run Greyhound Pets of America. Over the course of time we have adopted about 19 retired racers. Not too big on the racing aspect, nope no racing, just adopting them myself and finding homes for many others. Thanks for coming and great comment, I appreciate it.

    Hi Ms. Bake-it,
    Thank you SO much for your kind comment, though we give many other retired racers home, Ruby is my *Grand - Greyhound*, she is owned by my daughter and her famile. Ruby spends a lot of time with us here though, hanging out with my hounds for a bit of company from time to time. Thanks so much for your comment!

    Hi Brooke,
    Sounds like you and your greyhound were a 'meant-to-be' for sure! I hope someday you will adopt another! That'd be great. BTW Ruby is my Grand-greyhound, owned by my daughter. We have Renner and Scooter here now, both retired racers also. Thank you so much for visiting! I enjoyed your comment very much.

    Thanks so much everyone, for your comments. Glad you liked the eagle and Ruby-Dooby as my grandson calls her. I really appreciate your comments and truly am happy you dropped by for a visit! Thank you!




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