Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some of My Loves


091909_2_nerstrand park











Check out ‘Outdoor Wednesday’ for more great photos!

Also, have a look at ‘Wordless Wednesday’ for expressive photos from around the world!


  1. I'd be in love with them, too! Every one of them is stunning! Bunny agrees with that last statement strongly!

  2. Oooh I'm in love with them! And what a wonderful place they have there, with lots of room to run. Lucky them. Lucky you ♥

  3. They are all so beautiful! I love hounds.. I have five italian greyhounds, and they think they are royaly too.. they do rule the house! Bella

  4. agreed, i think i love 'em too! beautiful dogs! all the pictures are awesome but the 3rd and 4th put an extra big smile on my face :)

  5. Your hands are full! They are so beautiful and I love them too!

  6. They are beautiful and lovable. Happy WW.

    My entries:
    Moms... Check nyo

  7. Wow, you have so many and they are gorgeous. Happy WW.

  8. One of my friend her in Honolulu, her and her husband have gotten into Greyhounds. They are just remarkable. I've never seen them in person except for at a race track in Tucson when I was going to UofA. They are a pretty cool. I love the photos :)

  9. you have to love the 'group' photos.

  10. I love these wonderful dog photos! You should really get to know Connie from Hartwood Roses Blog, she has 2 rescue greyhounds and works to support canine cancer research and greyhound rescue. I think the two of you would get along famously!

    Kat :)

  11. I just popped over here to say hello, at Kat's suggestion. Your hounds are lovely, and I can see that this is a place where I will be spending quite a bit of time. Feel free to jump to my blog to meet Emma and Daniel.
    ... Connie

  12. Hi Ebie and all...

    Thank all so much for all the great comments. It was 'Wordless Wednesday' so I 'no words'! :) I will say here that I don't currently have all of these beauties. We have had 9 all at once living with us, but recently haven't been keeping the numbers up. Many of these hounds are now 'bridge kids'...they are at the Rainbow Bridge (something I like to believe, that I may see them all again one day). In other words, many of them have passed away. Never the less, they are all still very much my loves.

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment and loving the photos as much as I do.

  13. i see loads of love~

    thanks for being so kind to so many...

  14. Your greyhounds are beautiful. They are such great companions.

    ~ Tracy

  15. Oh, sooooooo gorgeous! Those shots of them standing in the doorway are heart-stoppers!

    Who is the little old guy? The brindle? I'm in love with him!

  16. The greyhound must be one of the most handsome dogs there is, they are so slim.

  17. Hi Jay,
    there is more than one brindle, but the oldest one up there, fawn with some brindling is Tex. He is the one right after the group photo where the blue gh is standing out in front, and before Cyber (they black greyhound).

    It was Wordless Wednesday so... but I will go back and do some where there are names and more information attached.

    Also - Tex (as in SisterTex). Yes my online 'identity' comes from a combination of two of my greyhounds....one of them was the Red and White gh in this post 'Sister R'. (that was her racing name and we called her Sister). So Sister and Tex are the two hounds that make up my name.

    Let me know if Tex was not the guy you were talking about.

    There are a couple of more brindles in the photo - in order of appearance - the last three photos:
    Standing - Shasta
    Laying on white bed - Bonnie
    Last one with caption in photo - Blaze (first gh girl).

    To all - thank you so much for visiting and leaving such kind words. Love your comments!

  18. Love the pix of the dogs in the doorway....great stuff visually!




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