Monday, March 15, 2010

Face Of The Week #3

Taken in the rearview mirror of our car as we were driving. Two marvelous faces….hey, it’s a ‘two-fer’!
Faces can say so much regardless of whether they belong to a people,  animals or some other kind of creatures. Faces can make you smile just from one glance and are so insightful. I love seeing Faces of all sorts and thought it would make an excellent 'meme'! So let's go have some fun with it!

Please feel free to participate! "Face Of The Week" all you need to do is: 
Face Of The Week Rules:
1) Post a 'Face Of The Week' photo on your blog
2) After I post my 'Face Of The Week' photo, add your name and link to MckLinky by clicking on the "CLICK HERE to enter your link" link seen below.
3) Be sure that your link goes directly to your 'Face Of The Week' post.
4) Link Face Of The Week to your post so other will know where to go if they want to join
5) Please also make comments on other 'Face Of The Week' participant’s blogs.
Feel free to be creative and don't forget this meme is for any 'Face'.
This meme runs Monday, 7 am CST through Thursday, 11 pm, so feel free to link your post anytime within that time frame.
Please join the fun!  Looking forward to seeing YOUR wonderful faces!


  1. Excellent photo my friend and a two-fer at that. WOOT what a brgain. Well done. Ummm is McLinky missing or something? Or did I just not find it. LOL As you know mine goes up on Tuesday :)

  2. Love the two-fer faces! Great shot!

  3. Actually there are three cuz there is a face reflected in the sunglasses too cool!

  4. McLinky located! :) Cool shot.

  5. Oh this is a new one to me. Let me dig through my collection. Very fun idea!

  6. Great picture. What a fun idea, I have added a link to Lucy's page.
    Sunny :)

  7. Cool shot !!!
    Love this Meme ..
    GREAT idea :-)

  8. Good shot with the two-fer-one! I'm thinking maybe they're your hubby and daughter...? I entered mine. This is a great theme for a meme!

  9. Hi all,
    Thanks for visiting and for posting a link if you have done that. If you haven't yet, you have plenty of doesn't close until Thursday at 11 pm CST.

    Lucy the Cat,
    Thank you! I see yours it is wonderful! Yes you are correct it is my husband and my youngest daughter.

    Have a great week and thanks to all again!

  10. Creative shot! and a two-fer :-)

  11. What fun! We'll try to play along!!

  12. Hi, my first entry to your meme. This is cool!

  13. I follwed the link here from Lucy the beautiful cat :)

    love the photo

    your header photo is beyond wonderful
    it is joyful!!

  14. Hi Marina and Island Cats,
    Thanks so much for visiting! I hope look forward to seeing your 'Faces'! Appreciate the comments, so glad you like the idea.

    Ebie than you for sharing your Face, I love it!

    Hi! Glad you dropped by and I hope you will come visit again. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the photo and the Banner photo too. I really appreciate the comments.

    Many thanks to everyone! Looking forward to seeing more of your Faces.

  15. Very intriguing shot - well done!

  16. I'm far too late with my ABC Wednesday post to participate this week, sadly, but I will!

    Love the photo! It's a little dark, but you can't have everything, and it has character!




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