Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skating Away

The task before him was a daunting one. He faced it bravely but with a little uncertainty.
Bampa and Keegan waiting for his ice time.
Skates on his little feet and his bicycle helmet in place our ‘newly turned 3 year old’ grandson began working on his dream of becoming a hockey player. No sliding around on the foyer tile and waiting while Meema runs the vacuum around pretending to be the Zamboni. This time was for real and he was on his own!

Being at least a year younger than any of his peers out there, and a good foot shorter, he bravely entered the rink at the National Sports Center here in Blaine, Minnesota. As always this little ‘chick magnet’ had the girls latching on to him right away!

Very strong on doing things his own way…when everyone else was down, he was up!

When others were up and waiting for further instruction, he would just lay down and take a break.

After the initial assessments were made of everyone in his class the instructor decided who would get skating aids and who didn’t need them.

Yep….our little man was the only one in his class that didn’t need a skating aid. Who knew he’d be such a natural! (and then there is his Dad that plays hockey and the frozen lake behind his house that his parents take him on sometimes)
He was actually a little upset that the instructor wouldn’t give him a skating aid like the other kids. Too young really to understand why…he just wanted what the other kids had. We explained it to him better later.

As you can see, concentration is a must to become such an excellent ice skater!

And when you get tired you just…

…lay down!
Kee, your Meema and Bampa are very very proud of you!
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  1. Talk about "apple" cheeks! Looks like Delicious, good fun-- thanks for sharing treasured times!

  2. OMG how cute this is. I love love love that third picture. It's like he's looking for soooo much reassurance. He did better than I can. I still hold onto the railing if an when I EVER go. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hi Sparkle and Thom,
    Thank you! So glad you enjoyed...thank you so much for the kind comments and for visiting. Thom, I have never learned how to ice skate.

  4. Sistertex: What fun, he did a great job for the first time on skates. I have a grandson Kegan and spent a lot of time with him when he was young.

  5. I love this post. What an adorable grandchild you have and I know he's thrilled to be starting on his way towards playing hockey. I wish they had skating aids when my daughter was growing up and had ice skating parties for her birthday. Many times I'd be skating with one child on either hand and I'm not a great skater so I was always afraid I wouldn't be able to balance when they started pulling me in different directions. My daughter was able to help friends who couldn't skate too since she had good balance even as a little girl but oh I would have loved to be able to have given some of the kids skating aids instead of me and a few other adults being the skating aids for those who didn't skate much at all.

  6. Mom, thanks for posting the pics :-) It is fun to see him doing so well! I am excited to take him to lessons this Thurs. and see him skate first hand!
    I think that I may be destined to become a hockey mom no matter my reservations about the time involved...

  7. Yeah, it has been pretty nice that we have been able to get him out a few times before he started taking lessons. Really I thought he was to small, but he really wanted to go, so I asked and the rink said 3 was a fine age to start!

    Thanks meemaw for sharing the pictures/blog btw!

  8. Oh, this is so sweet! What a brave grandson you have and such a good skater! I love the pictures and being taken through the day of this little guy. Also, that is so cute how you played the role of the Zamboni to help learn.

    Go, Kegan!

  9. What a doll he is! I teach PreK and I'm always glad to see people allowing three and four year olds to really try things and realize their own power. Way to go, Keeg! I hope he has great fun playing hockey!

  10. What a tender, love-filled post. I want to hug that brave little guy!

  11. Fishing guy and Carver,
    Thanks for the nice comments. Fishing guy cool that you have a grandson named Kegan as well, ours is spelled Keegan. So pronounced the same, but spelled differently. It is wonderful that you spent so much time with him!

    Carver, loved your comments. Funny I remember being the kid hanging on to people because to this day, I still cannot ice skate! Those little sliding things...the skating aids, are pretty cool however the kids were still falling down while using them, left and right. Carver, thanks so much for sharing your experiences, love hearing about it. Thank you!

    Ophelia99 and Pup thanks for the comments. Pup you are most welcome. He did well and certainly he didn't have any sense of being the smallest or the youngest. Certainly he seems to have a talent for the ice. Love you all.

  12. Lucy and Houndstooth,
    Great having you stop by, love your comments. Lucy he doesn't really leave me much choice in the matter...we play HOCKEY!!! :) For a while there it was just about all he could think of when he was with me...meema let's play hockey. When Bampa was involved then Bampa played hockey and I got to be the Zamboni. Whatever makes him happy makes me happy. :) Houndstooth I agree with you and this little guy's life is experience filled. He just finished swimming lessons (he has a lake in his backyard) and then was so excited to skate he started right into ice skaing lessons right away. He has *so* much energy it is important to direct it all in a good way.

    Thanks so much to you both...great comments, I appreciate it.

  13. He's a little champ. As a grandparent, I can understand your pride. When he's a famous skater, I can say I knew him way back when.

  14. What a delightful post! I never saw a skating aid before, when I was a kid I just fell down a lot. He'll be playing hocky any day now.

  15. Wonderful and fun.
    Great photos.

  16. Oh how gorgeous! An ice champion for the future as well as a heart-breaker.




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