Monday, March 29, 2010

Loves To Be Loved (Face Of The Week #5)

Renner loves to snuggle up for some strokes. Photo taken at Lac Qui Parle State Park in Minnesota.

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Please join the fun! Looking forward to seeing YOUR wonderful faces!


  1. what a cute face! Mr. Happy up there in your banner has a cute face too.
    : )

  2. Nice face. My lab loves the snuggles too.

  3. My face post has been added! Your face post makes me go aaaahhhh too.

  4. My first 'Face' post is up!
    It's a very special pup whose's close to my heart!

  5. I added my link but it appears that Blogger is experiencing problems with pictures. Hope it gets fixed soon.
    I saw Renner's adorable picture earlier but now it's gone. :(

  6. What a doll, isn.t it wonderful how much they give and how little they ask in return?

  7. Such beautiful eyes, trusting and kind. How could anyone not stroke that wonderful head?
    I see Sunny has had problems too - so it's not just me - bit of a relief that! :-/

  8. such a sweet, sweet face and I love the little tongue sticking out. I love this photo!

  9. Hi all,
    Thanks so much for the great comments about Renner, he is truly a love.

    Also, yes Blogger was experiencing trouble with links and photos earlier, I was having problems as well trying to see people's photos. Looks like it is fixed now. Thanks for hanging there and being patient. Also appreciate you all visiting and your participation in 'Face of the Week'! Some beautiful faces up there for people to see! Wonderful.

  10. Snuggle, snuggle, aint he just a darling! What a cute face!

  11. "Renner loves to snuggle up for some strokes" Who doesn't? It would be hard not to love a face like that.

  12. I just want to kiss his sweet face!

  13. So sorry I didn't put a link to you up on my post - certainly meant to after signing into Mr Linky - it's done now.
    And see I didn't leave a comment either - just want to reach out and pat & pet Renner!

    TY for your good wishes for Jackson- will pass them on, he's a wonderful charactor.

  14. Lovely Face to be loved! Thanks for hosting this meme. It is my first time to join. Have a wonderful week :)

  15. Renner looks such a sweetheart! He'd be welcome in my house for hugs any time!

    Can the face of the week be in a mask, I wonder?

  16. I hope I'm not too late - I just added my link! :)




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