Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Terrible, Just Terrible!

A little while back I Talked about my parking spot at my (almost) second home. (here)

Today the unThinkable happened!

Instead of looking out my windshield when I parked and seeing This….[Target[4].jpg]

I saw This…

Target - and Fidget & Lemme meet 004

Target - and Fidget & Lemme meet 005

Here is The little blue Thief That Took my spot!

It is a real wonder That yours Truly didn’t get lost coming out of my (almost) second home ‘Target’.

Target - and Fidget & Lemme meet 006

I should have had The little blue Thief Towed! ;)

You really should Take a moment and check out more photos from around the world at ABC Wednesday where ‘T’ rules the week!


  1. Oh, I do know how you feel! Particularly these days! Don't they know that parking spot has my initials on it???? Apparently not!!

    Happy Holiday Shopping! Thanks for stopping by and your comment, always appreciated!


  2. How funny are you : ) What a great post! Happy Shopping during this busy Holiday Season! : )

  3. You make me smile I was scrolling right away who is the terrible hmmm the small blue theft now I know lol!! Thanks for the post it makes me smile!

    My ABC is here

  4. This made me smile! It is irritating when you can't get your accustomed spot. I find it exercises the memory muscle which doesn't work terribly well at this time of year . . . ;-)

  5. Hahahaha!!! He took your spot! ROFL!!

    You should have reported him to the authorities! Probably spoiled your whole day, didn't it?

    That's sooo funny!

  6. Life is full of Trials, But we must Try to Temper The Temptation To Tow The Treacherous Thieves who Take our Treasured Target!

  7. Terrible those parking problems! Everywhere in the western world the same!

  8. I feel sorry for you! But you did make me laugh. I never have that problem, but that might have more to do with the fact I don't own a car and do everything by bike. Mmm

  9. That little blue thief has some nerve. Too funny and a great post for the letter T.

  10. Terrible traffic at Target is trying.

  11. Oh, no, a parking spot thief. How terrible, indeed. :) I'm still laughing - cute post!

  12. Ha! I can empathize. (Don't you love Target?)

  13. Hi Sylvia K,
    Thanks for coming! Certainly I might sneak out there tonight with a little red paint and a brush and paint reserved across the spot.
    'Reserved for me!'

    Happy Holidays!

    Hi LW Kaishon and Manang Kim,
    Glad you liked it, it was meant to make people smile....unless of course they take my SPOT! ;) (kidding...ok maybe not).

    Thanks to you both for visiting and for your comments, hope you come again.

    Hi Magiceye,
    Thank you! Love it when you stop by.

    Hi Jabblog,
    Yes...the brain is full of all sorts of nonsense at the moment. I'm dangerous this time of year! ;)

    Hi Jay,
    Well you know, it's often the combination of many little things that make or break a day. ;) Always great to have your comments, you always make me smile.
    Thanks Jay.

    You are terrific, thanks for your comment and for visiting.

    Reader Wil,
    Certainly I am not alone with my problem. ;)
    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate you stopping by.

    Hi Mara,
    Glad it made you smile...that's what I meant to do. :) I think I would love doing my errands by bike, I think that is a very healthy way to do things and I know I would be in much better shape. Thanks much for your comment and visiting with me.

  14. Hi photowannabe, Roger Owen Green, doyle and mollie,

    Truly...I mean really the nerve of the little blue guy! Someone Messing with my Target moments makes my life Terribly Trying...absolutely. :)
    Love your comments, thank you so much.

    Hi Tumblewords,
    Good good good...glad you laughed! :)
    Thank you so much, glad you have you and your comments here!

    Hi Judi,
    Oh yes.... what would I do without Target?
    Nice having you here, please don't be a stranger! Thanks for your comments.




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