Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not So Bad

December 2009 Snow Storm 005

Tuesday and Wednesday we were issued a winter storm warning and possible blizzard warning. Though we prepared to get a good whopping it was no where near as bad as it could have been right in our area. We received about 4 or 5 inches of snow Tuesday and Wednesday with the winds picking up on Wednesday. The worst of it, I think, were that the temps have dropped so dramatically from where we were in November.

December 2009 Snow Storm 011

I am currently looking at the thermometer and it is telling me it is -2 degrees (Fahrenheit) right now at 11:30 am. and to expect a high of about 6 degrees. Okay, I have to admit that living in Minnesota, the temps could be much worse as well. We were just so spoiled here by such a warm November this year that I think a lot of us here became a little bit complacent. Well no more! Winter is now in full swing here in Minnesota and as it should be for the Christmas Holidays.


  1. eek that's cold!! but very picturesque

  2. So - a white Christmas maybe? How nice ... I love to see it when I don't have to go out!!!!

  3. We had the same storm blow through here, but lucked out and had more rain than snow. We didn't dodge the bitter cold or the winds the next day, though! At least it made for good pictures for you!

  4. Doyle and Mollie, & Kate,
    Yep cold but beautiful I agree. Yes probably a white Christmas unless we have a very unexpected warm snap in the next week or so. Considering it is -8 degrees F right now, I'm thinking not likely.

    Glad you lucked out there! Nope the bitter cold is here, though I am glad the winds have died down. With temps like this windchills would be unbelievable.
    Stay warm.
    Thanks for your comments all - so glad you came by for a visit.

  5. Yep, here in Winnipeg we are terribly cold too; near - 40C with the windchill... quite a rude awakening from the warm fall we had! But you have more snow than us; we only have a dusting of snow so far!

  6. Brrrrrrr! I don't think I'd like Minnesota! Well, I'd love it for a holiday or just passing through, looking at all the pretty sparkly white stuff ... but then I'd want to come home and warm up! LOL!

    Do you have to put boots on your dogs?




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