Thursday, December 03, 2009

Into Each Life A Little Snow Must Fall

Well at least here in Minnesota. Granted it wasn’t much and will probably be gone by afternoon but it’s just the beginning of a snowy Minnesota winter. The weather here has been mild throughout November and now on into December we are just starting to see the temps beginning to cool down.


Winter is upon us and the ever vigilant Greyhound remains waiting to offer a resting place to the critters who scurry and flutter about in order to survive until the season of warmth and renewal returns.


  1. That's a beautiful picture, but I'm glad the snow is at your house instead of mine, although I know it's coming sometime!

  2. Snow - well if we get any here - its usually a very thin sprinkling and of course the country will grind to a halt!

  3. Hi houndstooth,

    Yep it is coming, it was snowing lightly again this morning, not enough for any real accumulation. I know Iowa gets hit pretty hard with the snow sometimes just like Minnesota.

    Hi Kate,
    Better grinding to a halt over a sprinkle rather than a mountain of it. It is not unusal to have it up passed my knees in a winter.

    Thanks to both of you for your comments and for stopping by! Greatly appreciated. Do come again!




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