Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Up in the sky.DSC03157

Look Up!


Upside down!



Upside down Scooter.


Upside down Renner.

Bonnie the ‘U’ shaped hound.


This week’s ABC Wednesday letter is ‘U’. For more ‘U’s check out the ABC Wednesday site!


  1. Nice group of U...I love the trees shot with the light and shadow....and the upside down!

  2. Very cute upside down photos!

  3. lovely images! ultra cool!

  4. Good U's! I especially like the upside down and the birds in flight!

  5. What a fun post and what great shots and words for the U day! Looks like everyone is having fun!



  6. LoL. Great photos! I love the Upside Down dogs!

  7. OMG, that trio of dogs are hysterical! They must pose upside down often!

  8. Cute dogs, but the upside down photo is the best.

  9. Funny upside down photos!! Have a great time!

  10. What is it with these hounds? They love being upside down as does your grandson - but I can understand that more!!!!

  11. Entertaining series of 'Us' - I like upside down toddler and upside down greyhounds . . .

  12. Oh, this post had me laughing!! LOL!

    LOVE the upside downs, all of them. Usually I have no trouble saying I like the hounds best, but this time it's a tough choice!

  13. A very fun U post. I laughed and laughed. Thank you. I really needed to laugh!
    Upside down is what I feel like....

  14. Always much excitement when tiny people are hung upside down. Love the dogs chilling out.

  15. Did you see the movie Up? Recommended.

    Good shots.

  16. Carol, Houndstooth, Magiceye,Tumblewords, Sylvia K.,
    Hi all,
    Thank you! So glad you liked the photos for 'U' this week. As always, I really appreciate you visiting and your comments. Thank so much!

    Hi twodogsbarking,Paula Scott, and Jedediah,
    Glad you liked the photos of the hounds. They are very entertaining to be sure. Thank you for visiting with me and for your kind comments!

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you! Glad you stopped by..thanks for commenting.

    Hi Kate,
    Yes, a lot of greyhounds do like to lay upside down, however not all of them seem to have mastered the art. I think of the 19 hounds I've had probably about half have enjoyed laying on their backs with their feet in the air. I never get tired of seeing it and I always think it is rather funny. The grandson, well you know....upside down, swing him around and he is laughing quite loudly...begging for more. :) Thanks for visiting and for the great comment.

    Hello Jabblog,
    Thank you. I'm glad you came by and I appreciate your kind words. Good to see you here.

    Hi Jay,
    As always, I really enjoyed your comment. Thanks so much for visiting and for the kind words.

    Hi Q,
    So glad I could add a little bit of laughter to your day. Good to hear. Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

    Hi Joy,
    Ahhh yes, the hounds do 'chillin' very well. Thank you for your nice comment and for taking the time to visit!

    Hi Roger O G.,
    Actually I have not yet seen the movie 'Up' but I do want to. I will have to get the DVD and watch it. Thanks so much for visiting. I always enjoy your comments.

  17. ha! those pictures are way too cute. those pups are relaxing to the extreme! love it!

  18. Those dog photos are great! Dogs are so photogenic, and so abandoned :)

    Love the other photos too.




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