Monday, December 07, 2009

An Amazing Morning

I was excited to see the big guy land and hang around as long as he did. He is a Pileated Woodpecker and though we see them in the area from time to time, usually their stay is too fleeting to catch with my camera.

This morning the camera was at hand and he stuck around long enough for me to get a few shots through the window.

Piliated Woodpecker 12-7-2009 034

He was not interested in drilling holes in this tree but wanted to drink from a fountain in our yard. The fountain runs all year, though it does freeze in the winter there is always a trickle running no matter the temperature for the winter birds to drink from.

Piliated Woodpecker 12-7-2009 028

Another very nice happening this morning was seeing the old (though not all that old) and the new coming together.

Yes, they are becoming friends quite quickly. It was good to see Fidget and Lemme sleeping together. It was the first time and at first I thought they were in a rowel again, but then noticed no one was moving and they’d fallen asleep together.

Fidget and Lemme Together! 003

The camera woke Lemme up and he changed positions, but didn’t venture off from his new buddy, Fidget.

Fidget and Lemme Together! 020

Right now, as I am writing, Lemme has spread himself across my arms and Fidget is fast approaching, probably looking for his new brother.

The bliss of harmony at last. It is that time of year isn’t it? Peace on Earth and goodwill to all.

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  1. The shot of the woodpecker is fabulous! Love that brilliant splash of RED!! And the cats are toooo cute! Love the shots of them as well!

    Have a great week!


  2. How lovely! The woodpecker is great! Glad you had your camera handy. The kitties are precious. Peace indeed!

  3. Great capture of the Pileated Woodie, they are one of my favorites. Glad to hear your kitties are becomming friends.

  4. What a great world you live in if there's a pileated woodpecker there! How wonderful that you were able to get such a good shot of it too.

  5. Oh I love the wood pecker. Hasn't seen one up close. What a handsome guy.

  6. Great shot of the woodpecker!

    That little cat pile is too cute!

  7. Gorgeous bird and gorgeous cats. My two cats are sisters and you hardly ever see them sleeping together like that. I suspect that they would both be quite happy to be an only cat. Just wait until I get a dog.......

  8. So nice to see all your friends. Delightfully bright crest on the woodpecker.

  9. That's a great shot of the woodpecker! We see green woodpeckers here from time to time, digging in the lawn for ants, but never close enough to photograph.

    And how lovely that your cats are getting along at last! So nice to see them sleeping together - the ultimate sign of acceptance!

  10. Enjoyed my visit very much and loved your photos. Beautiful bird shots and loved the kitties. Thanks also for stopping by the other day.

  11. Hello everyone,
    As usual a bit behind. But I have read all the comments and can't tell you how much I appreciate them all. Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to stop by and chat a bit. So glad you enjoyed the photos and hope to see you visiting me again! Have a great weekend!




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