Friday, December 04, 2009

Weekend Reflections

“Can I see me now??


This is Lemme, our new kitty, getting the closest view of his reflection that is possible.


Lemme is a 7 month old medium hair cat with a sable coat and deep yellow eyes. He has been here for about a week and a half. The first week he had to remain in isolation due to an eye infection and respiratory problem. After getting into the vet, getting some medications for him he is all better. The vet gave the okay to allow him to socialize with our other kitty Fidget so the last few days have been pretty wild around here with going through the motion of slow introduction to allow everyone to adapt to each other in the best possible way.

So far it is actually a lot of wrestling hissing or yowling, just knock down, drag out, wrestling. I *think* they are mostly playing, but it seems to get a little rough for my comfort zone from time to time and I return the boys to their separate corners for a time out. I feel a bit like a wrestling referee. We have had a lot of cats and dogs and know this will just take some time and patience. They are really doing pretty well working things our so far.

More on this later, but for now you should hop on over to James’s place for more Weekly Reflections!

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  1. Lemme is one handsome cat! I bet it's like Clash of the Titans when they wrestle!

  2. Lemme see what I look like. Hey who's that other cat? Nice.

  3. I love watching critters and mirrors. You had a wonderful series of shots!

    ... "I see beauty in old and weathered"

  4. Nice! :)
    One of my cats loves to watch TV.
    Animal Planet... ;)

  5. OR:"What is that other cat doing on my territory?" :-)

  6. Lemme is a gorgeous cat, no wonder he wants to get close to the mirror. Fun reflections!

  7. How cute! My first cat was black, much like Lemme! Good luck!

  8. He's gorgeous. I love watching pets playing with mirrors, our cat always looks behind the mirror for the other cat!

  9. Mirror,mirror, I am beautiful! And yes, very cute!

    Glad Lemme gets along with everybody. I only have one female cat.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. A fun "cat & mirror" "cat & sibling" episode to read!

  11. What a handsome fellow! Love the second shot in particular. Good luck with the introductions, it can get rough but it sounds like they will work it out. Kathy

  12. Oh bless him he is lovely!!! And he has come to the right place - he will come to realise it - they all do eventually!!! x

  13. Hi all,
    Thanks so much for all the great comments on Lemme. He has been laying across my hands helping me read them all and he is getting quite full of himself reading all the nice things about himself. He is doing very well here and actually slept up by my shoulders last night with Fidget parked at my knees. I'd say both are getting along really quite well. They have made themselves very much at home. They totally ignore the dogs for the most part and the good news is that since Fidget has Lemme to play with now, he has pretty much quit teasing the dogs. The dogs really appreciate that.

    Thank all of you so much for checking out Lemme's photos and leaving such wonderful comments!




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